What would happen if all bankers and financiers came together to threaten to absolutely destroy America's economy?

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Sacred Sun of Cleansing
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Jun 14, 2018
What would happen if all major credit card, payment processing, banking, and financing companies, including the Federal Reserve Banking System itself, formed a union and threatened as one that they would absolutely obliterate and shatter the United States' economy (as in, reducing it from foremost global hegemon to failed state overnight) unless it cedes sovereignty to a foreign power?

The Pink Panther

The Nigga Panther
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Jan 15, 2019
an Anarcho-primitivist's wet dream.
Anarcho-Primitivism is unironically the patrician political ideology.

If society was on the brink of destruction and whatnot, I would ditch my whole libertarian-isolationism shtick and promote anarcho-primitivism in an immediate rush.


They're always yapping
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Feb 2, 2019
What would happen if a landlord demands his tenants hand over ownership of their residence to another owner? Like they'll still get to live in it, but someone else is sovereign over it now.

That's practically the same question, except that most people don't know that the landlord is there. Kinda goes against the point of making your power so clearly and adamantely known. It also tests the limits of that power, for no gain at all.

Tim Buckley

Loving Every Second
Mar 22, 2013
It would all come to where the military puts their loyalty if that were to happen, everything, even diplomacy and money are glamour covering something called fire power, which primarily is the last word.

This means there's 2 sole routes if that were to happen, literal fascist US or bye bye US.

dreamworks face

Model bugman
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Sep 24, 2018
Well here's how it could work.
1. Come up with a new type of loan - "subprime" loans.
2. Lend money to every idiot who wants a house.
3. Wait for the market to crash, leaving a generation of people who just graduated college out of work.
4. People affected by the crash have literally nothing going for them and become furries and internet forum moderators.
5. These people become politically active and take over the democrat party.
6. Donald Trump gets elected because people are rightfully afraid of the democrats.
7. A new virus emerges in China and the coronavirus lockdown starts. The chairperson of the NYSE commits insider trading but no one cares because we're all hiding in our houses.
8. As the lockdown keeps going, the democrats realize that the extended lockdown is eroding the Trump support and is inculcating mental illness, which is a pre-requisite for democratic voting.
9. Small businesses around the country begin failing as the months drag on.


K. K. K.an't Edit Posts
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Mar 29, 2019
The situation you describe is, in effect, every banking and monetary institution in the world putting a gun to their own head and pulling the trigger. The world economy relies on the power of the U.S. dollar; pretty much everyone who benefits off it right now (except the very recent ones, like China) played some hand in this design. For that reason, you'll never see the federal reserve, nor anyone, try to hold the United States hostage.

What would happen if they tried that regardless?
  • The global economy would collapse. Tenuous countries such as China would implode in civil unrest; they currently participate in global affairs due to their trade offerings, and without any reliable currency their (already rather weak) production offerings would evaporate immediately. This would lead to mass starvation, loss of jobs, loss of federal power and yet another untold number of humanitarian violations. China isn't the only one who would suffer from this, but they seem like they'd be the most explosive example. If you want proof this would happen, look no further than the aftermath of the Boxer Rebellion.
  • Israel would likely pull out their Samson Option, once they realize their United States attack dogs may no longer be relied upon. This would likely kill everyone in the region, if not the planet altogether, if Israel is unable to force everyone nearby to obey them. Considering that tactic has never worked in the past (Jews aren't very personable), and most Islamic sects will gladly lay siege to an enemy on behalf of their heathen moon-god even if it means self-destruction, I wouldn't bank on that.
  • Faith in any 'world currency' — not just the dollar, but any proposed replacement — would erode, as the most powerful iteration of it will be little more than a smoldering corpse. Similarly, as every currency dependent on the U.S. dollar (all of them, as mentioned above) would erode into meaningless promises of credit. You will sooner see people trading unused lighters, lumps of gold, bullets and their own daughters than putting any stock in shreds of colorful cloth ever again.
These are just a few examples, but I think they lay things out pretty clearly. You can't just threaten the U.S. dollar without driving the entire planet into abject poverty.

Ita Mori

⚜Party With Crooks⚜
May 2, 2020
As if US Intelligence would be so willing to submit their power to X nation.
I'd sooner expect a couple of bankers to get Epstein'd before the American dollar erodes.


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Dec 19, 2019
The bankers in question would get killed by the military and/or assassins from or hired by one of the three letter agencies.