What would happen if all social media disappeared for six months? -


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My predictions:
  • People have to develop more hobbies
  • Less “influencers”
  • News would travel slower, and would only be viewable on TV or in newspapers
  • People start to go outside more instead of using their phones
  • Less polarizing politics
I think the US specifically would look like the late 90s and early 2000s all over again.


Stairs are my worst enemy
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Lots of "*X* is fucking dead" links in the KF header as social media addict cows commit sudoku rapid-fire

unless we're assuming KF goes down too
If Kiwi Farms was the only social site left, it would get invaded by the Twitterati and Null would have to get even bigger servers to support all the incoming traffic. Poor dude would be even more overworked.

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More community involvement
A lot of suicides
People actually doing their work at work and getting to leave early.
Families would be mended.
Troons would become non existent without the echo chambers or ass pats.
People would stop caring about globo homo problems and focus on their small towns.
Dating would be better for both sexes
Religion would come back into vogue
Attention spans would go up.
Effectively a better world.

Then the six months would end and we go back to the hell we are in now.

emo goff

its too damn sunny for darkmode
Coronapanic would go down, I think.

I've said it before, but I miss the world before smartphones, "social media", "social justice", and "social distancing".

Even though that old world also sucked.

(It's hard to be optimistic in 2020, isn't it?)
Before that it was all tryhard baby killing edginess and celebrity bullshit. Definitely less troons though, so wtf I love nostalgia now.


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At this rate it could happen because we are watching the world turning into the Fall Of Rome at this point.


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I find it interesting how everyone on Twitter a few years ago talked about "Toxic culture", whether it be masculinity or whatever, but negate to see how truly toxic Twitter really is.

You have a generation of young people, who don't have solid educations - they don't have an education in anything tangible - even the STEM and Computing/programming ones. It may assist them to get a job, but their knowledge doesn't have a physical value. They can't create anything you can physically hold, their job doesn't have any physical activity attached to it. The push for people to work from home is the same thing - it devalues IRL contact with humans. This social isolation is proven to drive people crazy. It removes purpose.

Social media has broken down the structure of society for these people, yet at the same time, flashes it in their face with "Influencers" and their perfect life. They're addicted to the rush of getting their posts liked and when they see someone else getting more, it makes them even madder.

Think about it - there's no reason to find a wife/husband, have a family, work hard to provide for that family - when you can just indulge some online perversion. But it's so hollow, so that breeds resentment. Then you have the angry faggots you see today on Twitter.

So if it were to disappear, people would sperg the fuck out, kill themselves, kill others. There'd be lots of murder suicides, mass shootings etc because the culture these people subscribe to, has devalued purpose and life.


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I just noticed that every new buzzword with "social" in it is something that atomizes people. "Social media" breaks down society and isolates. "Social justice" seeks to divide people into bullshit factions of "oppressor" and "marginalized" - and festers conflict. And "social distancing" physically separates.

It's like 1984 where a "ministry" does the opposite of its' name.

wtf I love nostalgia now
Same here. I'm so tired of Current Year.

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