What would it take to get you to rise up? -


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Self actualization should be reason enough to rise up.
We have to pursue this as a species, it's our next evolutionary leap and the door to higher existence will not open until we've mastered it.

Get out all your demons, face your fears, no matter long it takes. Even if you're fighting till your dying day, do it.
You don't even need to go full Buddha, just get your head 3/4 of the way out of your ass and the rest of the world will just change around you. If everyone on earth made that change somehow... sheeeeeeeeiiit

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It would take something or someone fucking with me or my stuff directly. Otherwise, don't care.

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Tbh it would take a shockingly small amount of money to make me join up with the oppressors, whoever they may be. I can't recall any sort of dissident movement in living memory that wasn't absolute cringe.