What would you do if you encountered a pedophile in your workplace?

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Dec 30, 2019
Work in a field which involves old people frequently asking me about technology. Sometimes I will help these people with small issues outside of the scope if we aren't busy.
Guy comes in asking for help because his Facebook wont let him in, he almost paid some Nigerian scammer money to "get him back in". At this point I feel bad for this dude.

I reset his password and am met with a screen that says "Your account has been deactivated because you shared sexually explicit images of minors" with links regarding exploited children. I got this message off his phone and told him that he was out of luck and that it was Facebook's call.

He now keeps coming in regularly and is asking me ways to make another Facebook since his friend says you can and he claims he got banned for upvoting a post about J'biden.

So what would you do?


Jul 2, 2021
Actually did work with a pedophile once. He was some 40 some odd year old tweaker named Chad. Can't remember his last name now. Dude used to snort meth at work. Was one day talking to a coworker and I about how he wasn't allowed to see his 14 year old daughter because he molested her. Dude got fired like a day or two after that when my coworker ratted him out to the manager for snorting meth off the customer's products we were installing. I remember one day I showed up at the shop and dude was literally skipping around doing the retard clap after he discovered we had lockers for our stuff at the shop. Going off like "oh ya learn something new every day." Like literally skipping around doing the long armed retard clap around all the machines. I kind of hope he's dead now to be honest and wouldn't be surprised if he was. There's a lot of fentynyl round here.


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Jan 20, 2021
I would offer him a cup of coffee and ask him about his day, as long he isn't doing anything criminal or trying to normalize cp or talk to me about it ,i don't care and it is for God and the law to judge him/her, not dirtying my hands seem preferable besides i have enough shit to deal with.


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Oct 25, 2018
Unfortunately, nothing, because the law would be on his side no matter which course of action I took. I will continue to go home and drink away the inevitable notion that my inaction will lead to the violation of countless minors for the foreseeable future. Cheers.


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Apr 15, 2021
The best solution to a problem is to make it someone else's problem. Tell your boss and then he has to deal with it instead of you.
Other people usually don't want to deal with it either

I had a co-worker add me on Steam, the guy had a loli avatar, cropped furry cub porn, loli porn and pictures of his little sister in less than appropriate clothes all uploaded directly to his public steam profile. I told boss man about it but he didn't do anything. I even tried informing the guys mom on facebook and sent her the steam link but she didn't do shit

Thankfully the glowies eventually got to him. He's currently in jail for about 20 years for banging his little sister