What would you do if you were selected to be a citizen on a Mars colony?


resident gachatard
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Jul 30, 2019
Say you get a call/knock on the door from the government and they say that your genes are perfect, and they want you to be a citizen on a new Mars colony. You will be looked after, fed, given everything you need to live and the family you leave behind will be taken care of beyond their wildest dreams. The only catch is you have to produce offspring while on Mars and you can’t return to Earth. Would you take the offer?


Null thought I was British, lol
Aug 25, 2019
Depends on where I’m at career-wise when they come a’knocking/I get the phone call. In between jobs? Just graduated? Retired/quit your job and want something different? Hell yes. If in the middle of school or a job I like, I’d have to think about it.

Also, we need to know what we’re doing on Mars once we get there. Is it something we know/love and are good at? If you’re an electrician or a doctor on Earth, would you be one on Mars? Or would you randomly be assigned as a janitor or something? I think that will tip the scales wether I’d say yes or not.


Jul 2, 2021
I'd be excited. Also, I'd make sure all my affairs are in order. There is a good chance, being the first group on a mission to another planet, you will either never make it, burn up on landing/crash on landing, experience fatal equipment failure not too long after getting there, die from some other unforeseen circumstance that couldn't be prepared for in advance within the 1st year.

Also, if the Gov. said my DNA was perfect for what they had in mind, I'd know they were a bunch of fucking liars and this was some kind of mission where you don't know the actual reason, and you will almost certainly die horribly.

I'd also tell them to spit on the family members I left behind. They don't deserve shit.

Fucky Chucky

Jul 21, 2021
Lets go to Mars. Lets also except that people are going to die. A kind of voluntary version of ST. Peters Berg. I think that could be really good and while I wouldn't be part of the initial wave I could certainly see myself as the second or third wave.