What would you do if you were selected to be a citizen on a Mars colony?

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resident gachatard
True & Honest Fan
Jul 30, 2019
Say you get a call/knock on the door from the government and they say that your genes are perfect, and they want you to be a citizen on a new Mars colony. You will be looked after, fed, given everything you need to live and the family you leave behind will be taken care of beyond their wildest dreams. The only catch is you have to produce offspring while on Mars and you can’t return to Earth. Would you take the offer?

Mr. Bung

The swag bag stag
May 20, 2020
kill myself.
There's absolutely no reason to be one of the first citizens of mars, its going to be incredibly hard work, with very little reward at the constant risk of everything going to shit at any moment.

Just move to new mexico and you'll get the same experience, but much better.
On the plus side, you get to fuck off clown Earth for good.

Tsurubami Senri

You should kill yourself... NOW!
Jun 11, 2021
I'd probably go on Mars , I would finally be able to get off an hellhole called Earth. Also who the fuck knows what kind of experiments they're gonna do on me when I get to Mars.
At the same time , I would get a lot of popularity too , I'd need to think of some cool quote or sum shit.


Jul 2, 2021
Fuck Mars. Why? It lacks such things as air, water, warmth, plants, animals, life of any kind. It's literally just dust and rocks. I've never understood why the hell anyone would want to live on Mars.

Billy Beer

Apr 23, 2021
Tell them to shove it up their arse.

At least on this planet i can FO in to the woods to avoid corporate bollox, on Mars it's fascism 24/7

"I'm sorry citizen, we overheard you disagree with the latest orders, we have reduced your oxygen supply 20%"