What would you tell someone you cared about if they fell into the spotlight like a Chris-chan? - Serious discussion tyme.

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Jan 18, 2017
You have to be honest. Feeding into someone's delusions is completely unhealthy. Bipolar disorder, borderline personality,schizoid personality...all of these are extremely dangerous conditions that create a complete disconnect with reality. It isn't like a drug addict where they have to hit rock bottom to change. Drug addicts typically have a perception of their own reality and they know what is happening, it is just their physiological dependence interrupts that.

With people like Chris-chan, they are completely incapable of understanding their predicament. They will continue to spiral until they end up homeless, hurting themselves or others. I honestly think its a matter of time before he honestly self-destructs. He simply doesn't have the connection to reality to actually function as a member of society.

Obviously if you have an acquaintance like this, you're more than likely to cut ties as this takes a lot of work and effort to course correct and people like this frequently relapse. If you have a loved one or a partner, you need to take the tough love approach. You need to force them into therapy, psychiatrists, the whole nine. You can be supportive, but firm, even if it hurts the relationship. You can't be lax, otherwise they will slip into this delusion and fantasy. Getting better requires work and effort on the part of the person as well, there's only so much you can do.

The most extreme and last resort would be commitment to an institution in order to get them the help that they refuse and even give them a small chance at leading a decent life. You might destroy your relationship, but sometimes to love is to sacrifice that person for their own good. Letting the delusions continue will only make things worse. What happens when Chris-chan loses the remaining members of his family? Most people there are just to mock him. He clearly has major issues and is not trans. He can't function in society at all. How will he make his money? His patreon will get old. The stress of the situation will cause him to spiral out of control and make terrible decisions. Eventually people will get bored of paying attention to him, and they'll feel uncomfortable because its not a joke anymore. And then that's when he'll lose everything and fully slip into a fantasy world.

In short, if you have someone you love like Chris-chan, you need to intervene and be forceful. You can't be afraid of hurting the relationship if you care about the person. You HAVE to act like the voice of reality and see where they are going. It takes a lot of work, effort and patience. Chris-chan has no one like that in his life and his story will end sadly. It won't end funny, it won't end hilariously. It will end in a cavalcade of delusion, poverty and homelessness. If someone you care about is like him, you have to be tough and firm and be ready to sacrifice your friendship and relationship for their own good. Otherwise, it will end in tragedy.

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If it's someone I care about, I would try to encourage them to stay off the internet until they can get a grip on themselves, and try to show them the benefits of not taking themselves so seriously.

However, if they're as stubborn as Chris then I won't do anything past encouraging them to stay offline for a while. These kind of people usually won't see themselves as part of the problem, because their ego won't allow them to.

Sorry to be blunt but people who refuse to make an effort to fix themselves usually can't be saved.


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Jul 22, 2015
I'd tell them to grit their teeth and walk away. Delete their least used social media accounts and lock down the others, but do write some kind of bullshit sorry-not-sorry message on a public post. Of course, all this relies on their ability to grasp just how badly they're fucking up. If your friend is impaired in some way or at the least very, very passionate about what they're fighting for, there is a significant chance that nothing you do or say would convince them that they're fucking themselves over in the long term. Family members can be incredibly hard to get through to, especially if two branches don't get along. Even with the knot of the umbilical cord it's hard to give a shit, especially if the relative isn't sperging and is just a particularly nasty and careless brand of troll. In cases like that a token warning before stepping back and making popcorn while you wait for the entertainment to start works well. There's so reasons for being a tool on the internet that it ultimately becomes a case by case basis.

Example: a few months ago I got into a spat with a very high profile SJW on Tumblr. Just to give you an impression of how much of a screaming nutjob narcissist she is, she even gave me shit about how disgusted and angry she was that I'd dared to reblog her with a negative response and that she now had to see it in her history and how dare I? It was definitely bizarre, because her original post had been liked and rebloged several thousand times. Even as recently as five years ago I'd be fighting the dumb bitch with tooth and nail, while hundreds of cult members screamed for my blood. And not because I was stubborn, it was because what she was preaching to her acolytes was, um, really fucking dangerous to a lot of people on a medical level, and I knew this first hand.

What did I do instead?

After reading her final response and her outrage that I'd soiled her masterpiece entry by a negative response, and the dumb fucks too stupid to even go on fucking Wikipedia and read the background of what their queen cunt was queefing over, I grudgingly came to the conclusion that further attempts to apply logic, medical research, and personal experience would at best effectively destroy my entire internet footprint, and at worst lead to me being hunted down IRL. I didn't respond to her final reblog, where she screeched her outrage that I'd ruined her thread, and instead blocked anonymous questions and made my email private, and prepared to buckle down under a torrent of abuse until her acolytes got bored and went back to watching her sodomise herself with a homemade device constructed from a dildo and a hand drill. (Weirdly, that abuse never came. Not complaining, it's just weird.)

Walking away from the fight made me feel like I needed a bath in boiling water. As I said, what the bitch shitting out I knew by both experience and research to be fucking dangerous to the point where it could even be lethal. Think anti vaxer kind of shit. If a friend of mine were in the same predicament, I'd completely understand if they chose to fight instead of go silent, especially with looking back at all of the weird shit drama I'd spent too many years churning out over nothing.

So yeah, it's hard to come up with a general policy for trying to convince people that they need to shut the fuck up and keep their head down until Kiwi Farms gets bored and moves on
if they want to keep it, regardless of where they're positioned on the trolls vs lolcow chart. Or, with certain individuals, encourage them to hold their ground so I can have the quiet satisfaction of watching them screw themselves over.

I'm not a good person.
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Jul 3, 2016
I would call the only super-hero who would be able to take care of the situation once and for all.



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Jan 15, 2014
Just tell them don't feed the trolls. Really, that's all. Don't post at all. It's not difficult. Where lolcows go wrong is that they think they can outsmart the trolls with some devastating put-down or threat, which is like trying to put out a fire by spraying oil on it.


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Feb 9, 2018
I'd probably try to explain that there is nothing so delicious to a troll as a public display of impotent rage, and that the only realistic courses of action are to:
a: ignore the trolls completely
b: have a civil discussion with them, thereby starving them of drama

The thing lolcows just don't seem to get is that you can't shame or bully or otherwise coerce people into doing what you want. Literally the only thing that can have any effect on anonymous internet fags is kindness.

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Jun 14, 2016
Block all unknown phone numbers, stop posting on the damn internets, stop googling your name, inform your employer and family about the harassment. If this took place in Eurocuckistan, informing the cops would be a good idea.

Nah scratch that, best to start a Patreon and write a sob story on all cuck news networks, also troon out for maximum efficiency.


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Dec 28, 2014
Drop off the map, shut up, go away, stay away, if this whole lolcow thing just started it will go away just as quickly.

It takes quite a while for a reputation as a lolcow to be cemented permanently and all you have to do is quit feeding it. This wouldn't work for long term lolcows whose entire reputation is as a lolcow, like Chris or Dobbo, but for nearly anyone else, it will.