WhatPumpkin, LLC / Homestuck, Inc. : Chuck Tingle, Andrew Hussie and Friends - feat. Rachel Rocklin, Shelby Cragg, and Cohen Edenfield

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4.) I donated to the Kickstarter. I don't regret it because I thought the merch itself was worth it.
Same here, I was happy with the unique merch I received, but was overall disappointed with how everything else turned out. Then again, it's Kickstarter: at least they shipped something.

Still pissed at my lack of a CD/DVD/USB stick digital copy of the comic, especially after they fucked up a bunch of stuff (mostly flash) with the crap server move.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Hussie apparently invented and owned a webcomic page ad system that scaled costs of ads based on site traffic and with HS getting INSANE daily traffic, he probably made shittons of money from the ads on HS alone, let alone the money he got from other sites that used it.
I think you're referring to Project Wonderful. That was run by Ryan North who did Dinosaur Comics and later The Unfappable-- Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

Project Wonderful has since shut down, but not before Ryan took the opportunity to weaponize it. td;dw - he changed the ToS and selectively targeted "problematic people" and booted them off the platform, Patreon-style. So stunning. So brave.

And I'm pretty sure Hussie made a fuckton of money off PW. Project Wonderful let people bid live for time on a web comic's front page, rather than a set number of ad clicks. When Hussie would drop new pages the rates would go through the roof. Advertisers wouldn't always get a lot of clicks, but they'd get a shitton of impressions.

The other influential woman who I haven't seen discussed yet has been mentioned several times in passing is Cynthia Dominguez aka Cindy Marie aka Betelguese, the "Team" in "Team Special_Olympics". She's Hussie's long time partner who lives in Florida and seems to be the one who ran What Pumpkin when it was mostly merch stuff and I believe was the main updater of the Kickstarter page.
According the the incorporation documents, she's the registered agent for "What Pumpkin Studios LLC". She's also still filing the yearly paperwork. I would assume they just keep things business, or they are still on decent terms.


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I mean, at least she isn't a niggerino. Worried about what they'll do to Roxy, though.
That's how I feel about Karkat. I'm ambivalent about the comic as a whole, but I still really like Karkat. They'll probably turn him into a fakeboi and make him sperg about social justice.

I've been ignoring these Friendsim things. At this point I'm pretending everything after the credits is just a really shitty but popular fanfic. Which it basically is, since Andrew didn't write it.


The writers are flipping out over the homestuck.net archives.
Litreally just check Kates twitter.
Cant have anything nice.
Without reading his twitter, I guess Katie is mad because the team can't retcon the comic as they like now. They can no longer act out their communist fantasies of removing and adding whatever they want.

Did I get it right?

Not Absolutely

Just lurking around enjoying the view.
Without reading his twitter, I guess Katie is mad because the team can't retcon the comic as they like now. They can no longer act out their communist fantasies of removing and adding whatever they want.

Did I get it right?
Thats how I see it.
They literally say they want this website destroyed and theyre back tracking on their statements about Homestuck canon being dead now also, and they want HSD and r/homestuck destroyed because of it.

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(I'm doing my best to archive these tweets but Wayback Machine is absolutely just not having it today, I dunno what's wrong. For now, here's bigass screencaps.)











I'll be blunt: I can assure you I don't even have fucking 5% of the initial reactions to this from WP staff, but consider this a sample and the general mindset of all of WP's creators at the moment.

They're actively trying to DESTROY (their own words) two open Homestuck chats and an archive, demonizing the people who are trying to work on it (although Makin is an actual douche) and this is apparently after having their demands respected:




Bonus: Aysha adding that she's partially flipping out thanks to stress from what I'm going to take a wild guess is Trump being given a Not Guilty

They're dissing VIZ and ForFansByFans (their fucking publisher and their fucking merch creator, fucking respectively) for not taking a greater hand in suppressing these people. They're going back on their word that "YOU CAN TAKE THE CANON INTO YOUR OWN HANDS!" because someone who's trying to do as such is someone they don't like.

Makin, stated in this thread years ago and still true now, is a massive fucking douchecanoe and an idiot, but beyond the archive having content that people did not consent to keeping (and most people only seem to give a rat's ass because Homestuck's new head honcho is demanding them to), he doesn't seem to be guilty of particularly anything except being a real bastard.

We have a DEFCON 2 trashfire going on here. Everyone put your protective gear on, because it's only going to burn brighter.


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Makin allows grooming but just as importantly, transphobia and racism.

Thanks, Homestuck.


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All of this seems like dumb drama and dick measuring to see who's more respected in the community. Shouldn't the people working on homestuck focus on making it actually good and not losing their shit over an archive site?
Considering Homestuck has been dead for years and all stuff they're doing right now is simply a way to squeeze put as much cash as possible from the few gullible exceptional individuals and , 14 year old kids left it makes sense. That archive is one of the few parts left of the "old homestuck" if I've understood it correctly. Aka not woke enough aka it needs to be destroyed so it can be replaced by the "better" woke version such as Hijab Kanaya.

Also the fact that they exceptional individuals in charge are well, exceptional. Not too surprising.