What's a good treatment for constipation? -


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I second the enema idea of fast relief, but you stick something up your butt like a faggot.

Coffee. Coffee never fails to make me poop.

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Oral laxatives work from the top down, enema/suppositories work from the bottom up.

Get something oral that you mix in liquid. Miralax/polyethylene glycol 3350 is the nicest; Metamucil/psyllium is pretty good but needs stirring. Alternatively good old milk of magnesia. Take your pick, keep hydrating, wait a few hours.

If your constipation feels like you have feces that's knocking at the door but can't move, that's when you go for an enema or a suppository, but if you're just waiting for the slow train to arrive at the station, it'll be less effective.
Cook your own meals. Specifically, cook your meals like you would eat at a Southern meat-and-three diner, or perhaps a meat-and-two, at which you would have a meat dish with two/three vegetable side dishes plus bread as your main meal of the day. The high vegetable content should calm down your angry colon and result in healthier digestion. Source; experience

The point is to start eating like great-grandpa did back in pioneer days, eat healthy and eat home-cooked.
Oh, by the way, that's a recommendation for long-term problems. For short term, I don't know, take a laxative? If it's powerful you'll feel like you're dying while you shit, but it will do the job. Avoid getting constipated (i.e. eat veggies and fruit, not just meat) in the future. I had bad poops, then I started cooking instead of eating out all the time, and it mostly went away.