What's for Dinner?! 04/06/2019 -



0:15 - Becky is attempting to build a clothing rail, which doesn't look like it would take that much thought and effort but her entirely spherical shape is making movement difficult.
0:30 - She's seen a lot of mookbangers with these. If this is the fucking Chantal tray...
0:45 - Gives advice to people lacking motivation while struggling to open the box (think what you want to do the next day and make category lists)
1:04 - her categories are youtube, weight loss, exercising, self care, writing, reading. When she's achieved some she's ready to 'go do somersaults with elephants'. Um, what you and becky do on your own time...
1:42 - IT'S A FUCKING WATER BOTTLE. Some yeti cup rip off I think? Didn't she buy a yeti cup at one point? This fucking gorl.
2:00 - She's supporting a mukbanger and she's super excited. Is it a product they sell?
2:25 - 'Every drink I've ever had always gets warm and stuff'
2:45 - Demonstrates how to use a bottle. 'It doesn't sweat, which is imporeeent', because AL has no first hand knowledge of what that's like.
3:10 - She bought the wrong colour lid, which was 'stupid'. That is not the reason this is stupid. Becky has the audacity to say it's cute. She wrong, obvie.
3:30 - 3 minutes later and she's still demonstrating how to use this, and excited that you can put a straw in it.
4:11 - takes her another 40 seconds to figure out how straws work
4:20 - Rail is finished with all her Horrid dresses on it
4:39 - Wasbi sighting
4:54 - Twinkie is gaining weight at the same pace as AL and Becky if this shot is anything to go by.
5:05 - Cooking. It's simple, she hates cooking, admits to the chair. Menu: Chicken, quinoa/rice and green beans. Give the WW points, is she back on this a-fucking-gain?
6:35 - Explains for the millionth time she doesn't cook with oil
6:56 - 'I need to figure out how to vlog'. You're not wrong.
7:06 - She already did her 'exercise' for the day, offers no proof to that effect. Productivity makes her feel so much better she promises!
7:25 -Jesus the arm. 'I don't know about y'all, but cooking exhausts me'. If only we could figure out the reason why basic tasks like sitting in a chair at a cooker are beyond you. It will remain a mystery.
7:36 -She put it all in a bowl together and it looks like straight up dog shit. It also looks huge, but she's not that hungry.
7:45 - She hates cooking so she just wanted to get it done now, she's totally going to put on a top on this and save it for later.
8:36 - 'When I'm hungry later, I'm going to be ravished for that'
8:50 - When I'm up and doing things (so never?) I don't want food at all. She gets hungry later when she's chilling so she can eat it then.
9:00 - 11 points WW: seriously! This again! Some talk about eating less points when she's eating zero foods because calories still matter.
9:30 - Gets preemptively cunty with the audience for the comments she thinks she's going to get about other people being able to do basic movement (THAT SHE DIDN'T EVEN DO FROM HER FUCKING COOKING CHAIR) without being tired after.
10:00 - I know it's requested I vlog more so I'm trying.

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"I feel like I'm being productive." She says, while cooking and SITTING DOWN. She is sitting down while cooking. Good job on that weight loss journey, good lord. Can't even stand up to prepare the food she's going to stuff in her maw in copious amounts. Okay booboo, you're definitely on the road to recovery.

FYI, that bowl holds 7 cups.
SEVEN CUPS? I don't doubt it, that bowl is massive but holy fuck. Seven cups. According to this website, a cup of chopped/diced chicken has 276 calories in it. Since she blended it with at least beans and she said she was going to mix in a quinoa/brown rice blend, let's give her the benefit of the doubt and say only 4.5 cups in that bowl are chicken. That's 1,242 calories in the chicken alone.

But u guise it's a ZERO POINT weight watcher food! That means it has no calories.
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Of course she dreads dieting, she doesn’t even know what food is. Cooking fucking chicken with water. I swear she focuses on the most stupid aspects of weight loss, as if drinking a whole gallon of water and not using a teaspoon of oil were things that really make a difference in this scenario. Also, extra virgin olive oil is one of the healthiest things you could put in your body, dumbass.


all around me are millennial faces
Gorl really loves giving advice on living your best life! I'm sure all of your subs that are mass unsubbing are eager to take said advice. Also, how fucking sad is it that she actually wants to buy the right colour lid for her millionth water bottle? Bottle works fine, but it's just not a cahyuuute look. She's basically coming right out here and saying she's a mukbanger WHILE IN DAMAGE CONTROL mode from not being a weight loss channel:story:

This is an amusing saga– it's funny to see her trip over her contradictions every other sentence while attempting to give off the aura of a wellness guru.

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