What's for Dinner?! 04/06/2019 -


This gorl cooking her meat with water triggers me. That aside, she seriously listed showering, jogging, cleaning, and cooking together like they all require the same super effort. That says a lot.
That chicken is going to taste like wet cardboard and chew like rubber erasers.
This bitch is always throwing money away on dumb shit, heaven forbid she pay an extra dollar a meal to exchange her precious ready rice for something like riced cauliflower.
For the price of two cans of shitty, salty, waterlogged veggies, you can get a one pound bag of the frozen stuff that 1) cooks in the microwave just as easily and 2) doesn't taste like over salted baby food.

And yeah, she ate that whole dish in one sitting as soon as the camera was off.

Edit: Also, is she eating this slop with a goddamn serving fork?
Microwave rice also amuses/triggers me. Rice is great...if you actually cook it right. You will pry my rice cooker from my dead, cold fingers. $35 on Amazon, probably the same at Wahlmart, and it will cook 14 cups of rice for you unattended if you hate cookeen. Throw in some frozen veggies in the basket, and you have a meal! But, that's two trips to the kitchen, and we all know gorl doesn't have time for that kind of thing.
Water cooking chicken. That's just fucking nasty. That chicken didn't deserve to be disrespected like that. It died for you. Cook it with some fucking respect. Cooking chicken without oil is great, it's a healthy choice - throw it in the oven and broil it. Bake it. Get a Weber and grill it. Get a George Foreman and grill breasts. The only thing I can figure is she watched someone make taco meat, where you add taco seasonings and water to ground beef, and she thinks that's how you cook meat? She's dumb enough for that. Plus, using the oven required bending over, so that's not happening. ANd, all of that takes time. She wants to feed NOW, boo boo.
I'm actually kind of surprised Becky doesn't have a Weber, she seems like a "stand by the grill with muh beer" kind of gorl.


You know Hamber ate all of this. She's not eating for flavour..

As for them not having a Grill..you know Hamber wouldn't wait that long. You need to get a grill hot, she won't wait that long for any thing. I also see Rickie more of the type to grill out..if he wasn't surrounded by toddlers who still shit them selves. I can imagine him taking the time to get a good steak and do some thing with it.

What astounds me is Hamber doesn't use a crockpot or instant pot all the time. She is literally incapable of thinking 3 hours ahead of time. I honestly believe this. She is incapable of short term planning, nor long term. I always get the impression from her videos she just records on the spur of the moment, and promptly fucking forgets she did. Then a week or two later when her shekels need some encouragement to roll in, she goes on her phone and finds random crap.

Also the closest I've ever had to that slop is hamburger helper. Which still tasted better..

On the rice cooker; I entirely agree. I've tried the microwave rice stuff out of curiousity and I had to douse it with seasoning to hide a chemical flavour. I can't comprehend people who enjoy that shit. Though again, hamber is to to fat, stupid, and truly incapable of planning ahead even an hour to make a batch of rice.

<Also seriously, 14 fucking cups at once? I use an instant pot and I think that would overload it easily>


The horrific tooth suck/lip smack heard around the world

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she's been doing that alot..it's so gross. the one video there's a part where she's just showing her face trying not to show her fat body she does it up close to the camera..like wtf. does she think it's sexy? does she have a dry mouth and thristy from the beetus? I think it's the grossness of the greasy hair and dandruff and I don't know..

Whale Lake 2

Your Favourite Tchaikowski Ballet
The problem with Amber is that she thinks she's smarter than anyone else, and this makes her think that all of her choices are better than anyone else's. Beside her everybody is an ignorant that doesn't know a fifth of the shit she knows, and in the meanwhile her organs are slowly dying and will shut down before she'll reach 35.

Also, that Cold water bottle is ridiculous. Not only she looks like a special needs toddler, with that thing in her fat, sausage like hands, but she has no need for it. Why would she need a bottle that keeps drinks cold for 36hours, when she has nothing to do nor go and could get one of her Mason jars from the fridge?

It's not ridiculous only for her, though. I have the impression that Cold water bottles were thought for people who go trekking or camping in isolated places, and therefore they need lots of fresh water as they may not find it where they are going. Muckbangers using them is just underlining how exceptional they are.

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