What's Gab's end goal with cloning Brave? -

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Without the backend infrastructure to serve ads I don't understand the point.
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The Dissenter extension got basically banned so they needed to fork a browser to include Dissenter by default. Brave might be the easiest (partially) de-Googled Chromium browser to fork. I don't believe their business model is about serving ads, I don't even really know what Gab's business model is.
They've just introduced gabPro subscription. Basically you pay $60 a year and you get verified and other pointless nonsense.

I got off the gab bandwagon (despite having 10,000+ followers) when they banned lewd anime. While degenerate, dumb drawings are harmless and gab are no different than SJW platforms in this regard, except they are on the extreme conservative end of the spectrum so they ban the things right-wingers find offensive.

Fuck reddit, fuck twitter, fuck gab, fuck everything and everyone with a cherry on top.


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Torba is a moron. He and whoever else he works with at Gab completely incompetent when it comes to coding, creating functional products, and web development.

When he "forks" something basically he's taking something and sticking his shitty Gab logo on it. He then e-begs for money from clueless boomers and Q-anon fanatics by telling them that they are "fighting back" against the deep state and big tech.

Right wing grift at it's finest.


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...I don't even really know what Gab's business model is.
Collecting sheckles is Gab's business model. See, for example, the email below, sent just a day ago.

There was never any point to forking Brave, apart from trying to use it to boost their profile. At least it isn't a miserable failure, like forking Mastodon, the least efficient 'open social' software around, is going to be.

Who knows. They may just get a thousand more boomers to sign up at a thousand a pop this time. Or maybe not! We will see. I suspect the 'hackers' excuse for poor site performance may run a little thin when everything stops working after their great migration to Mastodon.



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They've just introduced gabPro subscription. Basically you pay $60 a year and you get verified and other pointless nonsense.
Paid subscription for social media can actually work, btu they things they're featuring is stupid. For starters, paid verification is meh. Why would be the point for me, some nobody, to have a "verification" badge?
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I see that you, too, are a connoisseur of the exquisite music of Rammstein.
Surprisingly, not really. I only really know "Du Hasst"; I just remembered from High School German that "Zwitter" meant something funny. I did stumble across the Rammstein song while looking up what funny thing it meant, though.
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Even if @Null lost his fucking mind, sold his soul for a few dozen bitcoins, and tried to start a Twitter alternative, it would quickly run into the 8chan/Gab Wall where the user base sucks so fucking bad that everyone would rather just die.

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This is still a thing? I'm surprised it's not dead yet.

GAB would never be considered a decent alternative to Twitter. It feels too similar like twitter so there's nothing to grab those who still use twitter and those who do use GAB tend to post something along the lines of "hur durr heil Hitler" which would make normies who are banned from twitter not want to turn to GAB. On top of this, Twitter itself is (very slowly) dying so nobody cares for that style of social media website.

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