WHAT'S IN MY FRIDGE & DATE NIGHT!!!!!!! 08/25/2019 -


Waco - It happened, it was wrong, let's move on.
On Lamictal, you do increase your dosage over time until you hit a maintenance level. If she's on Lamictal, she's not lying about that. Saying she's doubling and quadrupling is misleading because that implies she's already at a maintenance dosage and increasing it, but it's not technically wrong. The mg initially prescribed and the maintenance dose mg is different for everyone. She's just being dramatic.

Strawberry Pocky

If anybody needs me, I'll be in the Angry Dome.
Who drives 90 minutes to go to Olive Garden? Especially when their chauffeur girlfriend has a horrible headache? I could see driving that far for a special occasion at a really nice restaurant, but not a shitty chain place.
A Narcissist ordering around her obidient slave.

Here's your prob, friend. You're thinking too much like a emmpathetic, kind human being who has regular emotions and loving relationships who cares about the Partner/Significant Other they have in their lives.
That's what's tripping you up.

Scribble that part out. Bunch up the paper, chuck it out the window. YEET that shit. Big Ham gives one singular fuck in this whole world and it is about ME, ME, ME, MEEEEEEEE!!!!!
So, rev up the binge-mobile, NeckSlave. She done don't care about your headaches. Momma wants three baskets of breadsticks and a Tour of Italy...and she wants them now.


I was like - whuuuuut???
Must have been some serious sodium swelleeen' situation going down her gullet before this
Gorl now looks like she has fucking mumps :cryblood:



Idk what it is exactly, but the combination of the puffed-up beetus paw pointing and Hambeast stating 'MINE' over and over like an obese toddler territorial over toys gives me the absolute yips 🤢

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Slappy McGherkin

Bartender? Make that a double.
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Possessivelynn. Standing in front of the fridge that she's wider than.

"This is MINE. MINE.... MINE... MINE MINE!" Daphuq? I mean, granted, I don't live in a Fagshack, but everything in our fridge is pretty much go for it if you want it or need it, unless something is set aside to prep a special meal.



It would mess up my metabolism
"I can't stop listening to Don't Cry by Little Wayne and extention"

Lmao you could tell she didnt know how to say it,just shows shes even too lazy to see how things are pronounced before acting like you know.

Ah the classic date nights. So driving increases the swelleen, but you drive 3 hours for sodium soaked chain restaurant food. She's signaling to us that the end is nigh, she doesn't want to or can stop eating.