WHAT'S IN MY FRIDGE & DATE NIGHT!!!!!!! 08/25/2019 -


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Based on the all-caps and 6 exclamation points, BipolarLynn is posting a MANIC video instead of a lower-case "depressed" video.

Recap upcoming. Edit: RECAP!

WHAT’S IN MY FRIDGE & DATE NIGHT!!!!!! - 8/25/2019 (Day 68 of this 100-Day Nightmare)
Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch these "inscrutiateen" videos so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

- "Yesterday's vlog" included the grocery haul and the cat bed. Thanks, TimelineLynn!

- WaddleLynn tries to "sneak up" on cats using the cat bed. (The rhythmic shaking of the fucking foundation is usually a dead giveaway she's approaching.)

- Heavy breathing from those 30 seconds of being upright, but we're journeying to get the cats MORE WATER. Not seen: giving the cats water.

- SHE IS NOW EXHAUSTED. (From claims of "putting stuff away", not the 60 seconds of upright waddling we all saw on video before she plopped down to film more quality content.)

- Oh fuck, it's another Ipsy bag for her to fingerslather all over her moonface in a future video (will there be time? THERE MIGHT BE ONLY 6 VIDEOS LEFT!)

Hand moisturizer (will not fix dem BeetusPaws, and too much surface area for that one small tube to cover) *immediately shoves her pignose into it to test if it can be used as emergency food*
Roller lash black mascara
Nail polish *waggles the shitty shitty fingernails with 10% polish coverage left*
Cotton candy blusher (doesn't film her sniffing the powder to see if it might taste like cotton candy)
Chamomile "hot tea" eyeshadow


- (MY) tard cum
- Diet Coke (MINE)
- Water (MINE)
- Eygs (MINE)
- (THIS IS MINE) Neuro Sleep Water (for her hard time sleepeen/nappeen)
- Kung Pao Stir-Fry Sauce
- Soy Sauce (MINE)
- Sriracha (MINE)
- Peppers (MINE)
- Honey Dijon Mustard (THIS IS MINE)
- Spinach (MINE)
- Chicken Sausages (MINE)
- Apples (MINE)
- Feta Cheese (MINE)
- Some Onion and Bell Pepper (ALSO MINE)
- Pepper Jack Spread (THIS IS MINE)
- Some of this Jell-O Stuff (IS MINE)
- (I HAVE) Frozen Veggies
- (I HAVE) Turkey Burgers
- Two Bags of Mediterranean Chickpea Veggie Patty Thing
- Some Roasted Red Potatoes
- Italian-Style Protein Blend

"The camera's about to die so imma hurree" (No, Hamber, YOU'RE DYING from being upright long enough to point at all the MINE foods)

- "Itchy Eye Situation" which she blames on petting her cats.

- "My eyes look crazy right now" (incoming new moonface icons for Kiwi Farmers!)

- "Who texted me? MAH FRAND DANA you know who Dana is!"

- Eric was going to return some things but somehow was convinced to gift them to Hamber because BODY CREAM/LOTION SMELL GOOD and SHOWER GEL and FRAGRANT MIST. (A small price to pay, Eric, for the chance of her using something to help mask the gunt-reek, right?)

- New day! Post-slathereen-of-makeup HamberLynn with curtain-tassel "earrings"!


- Psychiatrist appointment today! She claims the psychiatrist always ups her dosage, but she's already at TRIPLE per the PLAN that was stated WEEKS ago, so... why would that even happen?

- New "dress", complete with cat hair! She is apparently a PORPLE GORL today. (Hamber, if you want to do your little "body tour" shit, SHOW US DEM LEEEEYYYYGS!)

- Now we're in the car. It's somehow eight hours later. Well, guess the mood stabilizer WAS upped to 4x the original dosage. (LiterateLynn knows "double, triple, quadruple" because it's the magnitudes with which she orders foods.)

- "You wouldn't know that I got an A+ in college math. Well, it was an A." (No, we wouldn't.)

- Necky and Hamber drove an hour and a half to OLIVE GARDEN (incoming claims of swelleen from that car ride, not the amounts of carbs shoveled into her gaping maw)

- Bank card didn't work (security reasons?) so THANK GOODNESS Hamber carries that FAT STACK OF CASH!

- Then ANOTHER trip to Orange Leaf for FROZEN YOGURT. But Necky locked the keys in the car and they had to call a tow-truck and IT COST $45!!!

- StormchaserLynn captures CLOUDS on film and manages to EDIT IN the photo!

- She remembered to end the video! Shelf-ass-pats all around!

TL;DR: Mini Ipsy haul, PossessiveLynn lays claim to all her foods, and there is zero footage of "Date Night" that went poorly thanks to "bad luck".
We all know most of the food she eats is frozen or shelf stable for like 400 years. Why would she have ANY food other than condiments in “her” fridge!?

El_Guapo's Sweater

I know what works for me!!!!!
The amount of food that was "hers" wouldn't even be enough for an average sized person for a week, let alone a few days .. and she claimed the highly acclaimed weight loss doctor didn't know what he was talking about with low calorie count ... and thanks for showing all the fresh veggies in your fridge gorl!

In conclusion, we know the majority of her meals are Thumbkin-Eats service delivered ... but we been knew ..


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What is going on with her voice?. It used to be a stupid-sounding mix of valleygirl and hillbilly, but now she sounds like the back of her throat is swelling up and closing down. Which would mean she’d have to mainline those MickeyD’s quad burgers via IV.

I would not drive an hour and a half to go to the French Laundry. I’m not sure I’d drive 5 minutes for Olive Garden.

Becky has a headache and has to drive this behemoth hours for food, all the while listening as Amber blabbers away, her fat jiggling up and flobbering down, allowing the aroma of rotting bellybutton to waft throughout the car. Not sure how you’d get though a real migraine in that sitcheeashun. A shotgun maybe.
Just imagine those calls to the bank where she explains that, yes, it was her who made large purchases at 5 different restaurants and a supermarket in the span of two hours. It must be fun to be on the other side of that call. "And the $25 at McDonald's at 3pm? That was you, too?" "What about the $100 at Cheesecake Factory followed immediately by $25 at the Ice Cream Place at 3:45?" "And the 6 size XL 'Rugrats' shirts at Walmart half an hour later?"

Every car supports at least two keys. Why do they both not carry one? I doubt she has push button ignition, so she can probably have more keys.
Like, you at that, and think, "you know, that has to be a photoshop. There is no way and arm can get that big." But you would be wrong.
Hilarious how all the lean/low calorie/healthy food are hers, yet she outweighs everyone in that house by atleast 200 lbs. Every full calorie item or indulgence is the property of the fags or Becky. They just don't know about nutrition like she does!
She did something similar in yesterday’s video. The chocolate nougat candy was gross but the light, healthier coconut candy was amazing. Sure...

Dry Gorl

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Anyone want to visualize the complete and utter apoplectic shitfit she threw when Becky locked the keys in the car? Gorl might have been standeeeen for a while...

You're so right, I wish I could have seen that. AL was also Soo Outraged that it cost $45!!! to open the car (even though she carries hundos in her purse)... Becky is going to have to pay her back with constant Wammart binge deliveries.

Skin Fold Odor

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Hamber going through her fridge like:


You're going to fucking touch me
Not to detract from the current conversation or anything. But did anyone else notice the ONLY thing Amber said that belonged to Becky in the fridge was fucking balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing? Is that the only thing Becky is allowed to eat? And it wasn't even with the rest of the sauces.

Amber has TWO sugar free strawberry jam's both fucking full and Becky has to put her sad singular bottle of salad dressing in the bottom drawer of the fridge. Maybe that's the secret behind Becky's supposed "weight loss", she's chugging glasses of salad dressing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

RE 374

Must have been some serious sodium swelleeen' situation going down her gullet before this
Gorl now looks like she has fucking mumps :cryblood:

View attachment 906407

Idk what it is exactly, but the combination of the puffed-up beetus paw pointing and Hambeast stating 'MINE' over and over like an obese toddler territorial over toys gives me the absolute yips 🤢

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I've never seen such a fat person look so pale. It looks like she's wearing goth make-up.

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