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Vernon Wayne Howell
If this is any indicator of the quality of the remaining 49 videos, then we've truly transcended into a nightmarish timeline. It's like some performance art bullshit where the punchline is consumerism and how the internet has degraded standards of entertainment, but it's not. It's just Amber and she's doing this completely unironically. It's not even hard to come up with 100 interesting ideas for vlogs!


I was like - whuuuuut???
Good Lord she's massive - cottage-cheese arms and she's actually got a hidden choker situation going on there y'all


I don't ever take painkillers but when I do it's these type situations...


After relegating the pink weights to the 'window seal' our Albert has another go with these microscopic ones!


Duh stooopid me, course they aren't weights they are (allegedly) her mood stabilisers guiiize!

This absolute warthog boggles my mind - she pretends to wonder why people don't believe her, then proceeds to hide them in the beetus claws!
Why Amber why? If they are real, why hide them?
Surely you can hold them so any personal details are obscured? 🤔
I've mentioned before I'm not American but I'm puzzling over the packaging - is it normal? Never ever seen meds in bottles like that?


Extend that choker
I was about to bash her for not pulling out the cash for a week to buy the $3,000 purse she wanted, but then I realized, there is probably no LV store in Bumfuck, KY. And, there's no way she could stand the car to get to a store. Guess the cheap knock off purse matches her well.
The closest from what I found is in Cincinnati. Can you imagine ALR and Neckster rolling in on a scootypuff to purchase a designer bag? What I wouldn’t GIVE


Imagine her porcine ball of flesh wobbling into a Louis Vuitton store, whereupon she grovels to herself about them not having scootypuffs. The employees recoil in horror as her sweaty flesh tubes soil thousand-dollar purses and apparel. The musty aura surrounding Amber pervades the once perfumed boutique, leaving no nose unscathed. “BECKAYYY” Amber shouts, beckoning a slightly smaller greasy flesh ball, which trods unenthusiastically into the store, stained Sublime tshirt contrasting against the haute couture. Simply impeccable.


I'm just a dry gorl
What a complete and utter hog of death. From the look of those hands a double amputation is absolutely in her future if she doesn't start managing her insulin levels immediately. Becky better start practicing spoon feeding her sugar mama!

Fuck, the Monticello thrift stores are gonna hit the motherlode when she finally croaks. La'Festin bags for all y'all! :story:


Surely you can hold them so any personal details are obscured? 🤔
It's not even like there would be any details that aren't already documented here.

Pardon my naivety, but banker Kiwis, is there a reason why her bank would deny her access to her own money? Does she just not have an account and it's a lah?
It's for protection from fraudulent purchases and generally speaking it's a good thing. It's not hard to call the bank and tell them you plan to make a purchase for $X and need the limit temporarily raised to that amount so the purchase will clear.

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