What's that one meal you make too often? -


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TorBo pasta:

It's just spaghetti with pasta sauce and parmesan cheese, but with half toroidal (elbow) noodles* instead of spaghetti noodles.

*(I'm glad panic buying is over so I can get those again.)
Similarly, I've been eating so much pesto pasta. I've just been throwing in whatever veggies and meat I have lying around. Nothing beats just boiling noodles and then just mixing shit together.


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Fried or scrambled eggs are my usual "I don't see any leftovers, what the fuck do I eat" lunch. Pair that with some toast with peanut butter or jam and whatever fruit I have lying around, along with a protein shake that's my usual post workout meal. It's even better if I have some bacon on hand.
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That's the stuff. I'm a simple southern gal, but ham and beans with a bit of cornbread, green onions and cucumber? That's amazing. It's crazy that it was a "peasant dish", but it's so good.
I made great northern beans with a ham bone and the rest of the ham, topped with the cracklings from rendering the fat.

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Loco moco: rice, gravy, hamburger patty topped with a fried egg. I make my gravy with beef stock, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, ketchup and onions. You can get fancy and add green onion, chili peppers, sesame oil/seeds, and/or mushrooms. Or even make a juicy Lucy burger.
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Scrambled eggs on toast. I mean I'm talking almost every single day when I get up. My diet is pretty limited these days since I started eating healthier, so this is my go to. Been having it for months and still not sick of it. It's simple and delicious.

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I've been stuck on soups lately. My current fave is carrot and ginger with red pepper flakes mixed in. I usually have that with an egg and kale sandwich for dinner. If I don't feel like eating? Iced coffee and toast.