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If you have no friends it makes you think you have friends when really all you have is a bill.
To speak of WoW specifically, it well and truly does work to make you feel like you matter and have friends.
When in reality, you really don't. The person you think gives a shit because they led you through a raid is 110% not going to like you DMing them on Discord for anything outside of the game.

Kind of a cycle where the antisocial turn to MMOs, and are surprised to see other people being antisocial towards them.

Talking outside of the social aspect though, WoW just has a lot to do and sink time in for fans, whether it be lore or gameplay.


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Joining clans to participate in racist costume contests, I guess.

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Well you see Rand, when I get home from a long day of being ordered around by some upjumped midwit and not being appreciated for my hard work, I can log in to the World of Azeroth, where I can get directions from my raid leader and take constructive criticism like "why were you healing the tank and not the dps".


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Well you see Rand, when I get home from a long day of being ordered around by some upjumped midwit and not being appreciated for my hard work, I can log in to the World of Azeroth, where I can get directions from my raid leader and take constructive criticism like "why were you healing the tank and not the dps".

Well yes, but the thing is you could be getting ordered around by an elf or an orc dressed up in fantasy armor (maybe some crazy combination if they obsess over min-maxing).

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The appeal is sharing a skinner box addiction with online friends.
It's all the fun of doing repetitive work but with colours and music.
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I got into WoW right before Burning Crusade came out, ironically, because a bunch of irl friends talked me into joining them on it, and it was a lot of fun when we were all playing it, and then we’d move on to another MMO for a while, then another, and then I just kinda got tired of them. Point being they’re fun if you’ve got actual friends who also play them, like any other multiplayer game.


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Started in 2006, solo'd from 1-85 never joined a guild.
On an RP server.
As a rogue, it's a fine single player game.


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If you like repetitive activity that isn't related to a nine till five office job, then stuff like this fills the void. playing with IRL friends is decent, making friends on there is the same as making any friends online, its a temorary and its usually frought with petty power plays and infighting.


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Yeah, I don't like MMOs much either but as I've become a depressed mess over the years I get it now. Basically the repetitive nature is the appeal; its for people who just want to lie back and kind of let the game play itself.

If you think think that's sad and depressing, I agree, but you should see what fucking phone games look like these days. Those literally fucking play themselves. Its nauseating.
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WoW is the worst example of an MMO since it's conception.

For most other Western MMOs like the Guild Wars series, EverQuest, and Dark Age of Camelot, and a bunch of other dead MMOs:

The appeal was different for each and every one but the central theme was to grind for gear so you look like a badass, form social groups to accomplish goals, and play endgame content. Each and every other MMO was unique in its own way but had a (((somewhat))) similar formula.

Now, there is no appeal
The only MMOs out there that are still alive are super grindy Asian MMOs and some Western MMOs that made it out of the great Purge of its own genre, such as Warframe, Destiny, Guild wars 2, and WoW.
But all of them have the same objective now:

there is no endgame, there is no finish line. You just keep grinding. Now the only people who play these games are oldfags and people with an MMO addiction to scratch
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It depends largely on the game, but the appeal of the genre is really in the scale of the games (hence, Massive Multiplayer Online), the freedom and the persistence of the world.

Most popular games can host less than 100 people in multiplayer. Fortnite and PUBG are 100 players, TF2 is Max 32 (16 v 16), Overwatch is 12 (6 v 6), Call of Duty lobbies are rarely larger than 32, etc. In addition to that most of the popular online games are Player vs. Player - direct competition with human opponents, which isn't everyone's forte.

For larger MMOS (WoW/FFXIV) you're likely to encouter hundreds of players in any city in the game, at any time of day, basically forever. You're likely to run into large groups of players in popular areas - much larger than any other type of game.

The game modes and the way you play it are much less restrictive than other games - you are much more free to play the game how you like. There's your typical break down of content, dungeons and player vs. player fare, but you're can just focus on crafting or shitposting in the chat if you're inclined. WoW (early on) had a reputation for being shitpost central (barrens chat). FFXIV in particular has a lot of modes/functions that are "just fucking around", such as Chocobo Racing/Breeding, Triple Triad, Housing, Majong, Fashion Report; you can even just hang out in town play music as a Bard if you want to. You can co-ordinate with players and do really dumb shit like make a band, co-ordinate a fireworks show, roleplay in a bar or something, troll or help strangers, etc - where you don't have that kind of freedom in other games.

The communities are also much larger - it's not uncommon for a guild to have in excess of 1,000 people (even if the guild has to be multiple guilds) where as other games don't really have such a tool, much less a reason for it to exist. There's nothing you can do in Call of Duty that would need ~60 people co-ordinated and it's a game that you really don't need to co-ordinate in beyond maybe using voice chat (if you want to).

Lastly, you never lose your character or progress in a MMO. Call of Duty starts you at the bottom of the ladder, level 1, every year (as it's a new game). When MMOS update, there's new things to do but you never go backwards so there's an appeal of that as well.
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