Whats the best slur?


Apr 6, 2021
Fairly straightforward, what do you think the best slur is? Do you base it on how offensive it is? How funny it sounds? How much it triggers people when you use it?

Obviously my favorite is troon. It sounds great, is highly offensive, is original, and triggers the shit out of a group of people who honestly deserve it.

Pocket Dragoon

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Feb 26, 2019
Why limit ourselves to singular words?

"Choke on the snotty end of a fuckstick, cockgoblin!" carries a bit more weight than a simple faggot or slut ever could.

Delivery is also key; if you're going to motherfuck someone, look them in the eyes, imagine they owe you money or fucked your sister, and don't smile when you do it. Motherfucking is serious business.


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Nov 9, 2015

Apparently janny is officially a slur now so I will go with that because of how stupidly easy it is to make troons cry.