Whats the best slur?


Apr 6, 2021
Fairly straightforward, what do you think the best slur is? Do you base it on how offensive it is? How funny it sounds? How much it triggers people when you use it?

Obviously my favorite is troon. It sounds great, is highly offensive, is original, and triggers the shit out of a group of people who honestly deserve it.

stares at error messages

Dec 7, 2020


  1. The black people
  2. The people that come for Africa and shitty up the place.
  3. The evil dark skinned people who rape and steal and Africanise society.
Spanish as pronouced by the Hwhite Man for black, originally the Spanish 'negra'.

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Mar 6, 2020
It's "jannie" now, it has been branded a slur by famous astroturfing website reddit. And why isn't it a good slur? It's based on an understandable, innocuous word, but makes huge implications about the lifestyle of transsexual people, that they're seen as chronically online enough to be used as slave labor for content platforms, fat, obsessed with control, and extremely petty.

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Mar 14, 2021
Nailbag if your talking to a girl, dehumanises them so much, rolls off the tongue too, "nailbag, disregard'

Self regulating my own comments now, going Into business myself as they say in wrestling if you rate....

Autistic = you are a virgin
Horrifying = you are a coward
Dumb = you are a pedo
Mati = you are a neck beard
Lunacy = never been in a fight in your life

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Jun 7, 2021
why theres no slur for white people?
There are, you just have to go to different places. E.g. "Haole" (hou-lee), Hawaiian term meaning "tourist." All whites are haoles whether they are a vacationers or have lived on the islands for generations. I am not sure how bad Hawaii is these days, but it use to be real bad. Surely there are others here who have heard of more white slurs.

Anyway, my favorite slur is probably "cunt," based on how often I use it. Everything is a cunt: friends, family, coworkers, my boss, strangers, my pets, other people's pets, household appliances, the weather, etc.

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Jun 5, 2020
in no particular order
- retard
- faggot
- cunt

i barely use the topmost two because tranny jannies will axe retarded fags for reclaiming retarded faggot. cunt i use whenever i want lol