What's the best solution for male pattern baldness? -

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Joe Cool

If you want kids in the future - clippers + razor. Surgery is also an option if you have 20-30k free and are willing to endure months of painful "lunch appointments".


Figure It Out Lil Bruises
Save money and then go get hair transplant (FUE) either in Turkey if you're from Europe or Mexico if you're from the US. Just make sure you go to a good doctor.
That's what celebs do.

Jones McCann

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The bald head can be distinguished despite the garbage modern sense of style, but if your friend isn't willing then either shave it or get a hair transplant. I don't think any of the magic ointments will work.


Curiosity killed the cat
Shave it all or grow it out George Carlin style. Hes bald who gives a fuck. Any women that cares if a man is bald or not aint a woman shes a child.

Orion Balls

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Shave it off and grow a beard. For some reason men who bald early in life usually don't have issues with sparse facial hair, so you're all set.
But please, trim the stuff that pokes up from under your shirt collar.

Cow Poly

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Just kill yourself it’s OVER for baldcels. j/k lol ... in Minecraft in Minecraft...

For real though I looked into this as my hair began falling out about a year ago (I’m middle aged). I considered taking minoxidil or some equivalent but then I found out that if you take this stuff it fucks up your hormones, smells bad, you have to keep taking it (buying it) AND it may make it hard to get a boner.

Best to just accept it... realize that it’s OVER.