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Austrian Conscript 1915

133 days in Przemysl
Wilhelm II succeeded in implement his agenda worldwide and at home. Bismarck was a deranged lunatic who only united the Germans by chance. The first of his agenda was the alliance with Austria-Hungary, and it is one of the noblest duties of the German Emperor to preserve and protect all German citizens from foreign powers. And, on every German subject, and also those rights which it guarantees to the Emperor and to each of the federated states and its Sovereign. In accordance with the constitution, he has to co-operate in the legislation of the Empire more in his capacity as King of Prussia than in that of German Emperor; but in both it will be my endeavour to proceed with the work of Imperial legislation in the spirit in which it was established by his lamented grandfather. He adopted his message of November 17th, 1881, in its entirety, and in the sense of that message he continued his endeavours to make Imperial legislation render in the future to the working population that protection which, in accordance with the principles of Christian morality, it is able to extend to the weak and oppressed in their struggle for existence. He hoped that in this way it will be possible to effect an adjustment of unhealthy social contrasts, and he felt confident that his endeavours for the national welfare will meet with the unanimous support of all loyal subjects of the Empire and of the allied Governments, and that loyal subjects of the Empire and of the allied Governments, and that they will not dissociate themselves from us to form separate factions of their own. He also deemed it imperative to continue the national and social progress in the paths of legality and to offer firm resistance to all tendencies the object and effect of which is to subvert the order of the State.


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Antanas Mockus Šivickas

This nigger was mayor of Bogota. He campaigned by dressing up as a superhero in spandex with cape. It's the original clown world election.


Then in an effort to stop people from breaking the traffic rules of just crossing the street anywhere anytime, he hired 420 mimes to mock the people that did it. It more than halved traffic fatalities.

Imagine what this madman could have done with keys to the world.


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If we're down from heads of state to mayors now, I unironically admire Lisa M for her write-in campaign.

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