What's the deal with GoFundMe?

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Dec 17, 2019
Besides the usual leftist politics bullshit. It seems every time some lowlife kills a person/dies attempting to kill a person there will be a mention of a every person with a vague relations to him getting a million dollars for their GoFundMe over the event.

Who donates so much money and why? Why is it only a single site when a donation page is a glorified PayPal link? Where are the competitors?

The Wicked Mitch

Senate Minority Cuckold
Sep 19, 2020
Because it's part of the Zog empire.

It's very simple, you either ascend because you were zogged from the start or you agree to get with the program as you ascend, unless you feel like some sudden (((competition))), (((scandals))) or (((financial deplatforming)))


Dec 18, 2019
Who donates? Hollywood and middle class white Americans with white guilt and access to mummy and daddies credit card.

Why? To satiate their white guilt and virtue signal on twitter.

Why its a single site? to show the number go up and to attract more people to "donate"...this one is kind of obvious and I don't know why you are asking this question.

Where are the competitors? All over the internet. You honestly just needed 10 seconds on google to find this out. This is just the one the media pushes all the time.