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Hey so sorry if I'm on the wrong place, I don't have much knowledge on how the site works despite lurking through it for a long time, but I want to get a rundown of who is our leader. I'm too lazy to watch the streams about him and I know that ED articles are usually there to take the piss and aren't supposed to be 100% serious, but obviously the texts where he's shown getting off to cp shit concerned me.

So, who's this dude? Is he a sadistic pedophile shitlet or not? I'm extremely out of the loop and I thought it'd be better to get a direct answer here, because the sites talking about him always say Kiwi Farms is some evil demon spawn that attacks innocent people, so that tells me it's probably a biased source. Excuse me if my autism is showing


Okay, you caught us. "Null" is not actually a person, but a secret AI project we have all contributed to over the years.

The Network Undermining Lolcow Location Intelligence (NULLI, but the "I" is silent, so it's just NULL) is the means by which we not only track and dox lolcows, but hack their systems to make them post all the most embarrassing things that appear on their Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook feeds. Any time a lolcow points to something and says "I didn't post that, I was hacked", that was us.

NULL was originally created by Dynastia in an effort to locate gasoline supplies so he could indulge his huffing habit, but...it kind of got out of hand. And here we are today.

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