What's the dumbest technological mishap you've ever had -

Gaia Soraka

I want to feel better about the fact that i wrote a long and detailed OP for a cow i found without thinking that i should save it in a word document. Needless to say, i lost my post. I thought it would save my draft forever... (:_(


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Nearly 20 years ago (fuck I'm old), I installed McAfee from my college orientation onto a computer that already had Norton.

I never got that machine to power up ever again. Completely bricked the fucking thing.
To be fair your computer has never been safer. No one can get into it if it never boots.


This was the first PC I built. After meticulously following tutorials and part manuals I tried to turn it on but it wouldn't boot up. I start freaking out thinking I broke something and begun to take it apart. Upon which I noticed that I plugged the case power and power led cables into the wrong places. Afterwards it ran like a dream and I felt like a dumbass.


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I made fun of a person on WhatsApp and realized only too late that I sent my messages to the group with the aforementioned person in it. And this was before you could delete WhatsApp messages.
Oh, and I managed once to make my graphic card melt.


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I tried to fill a 5 gallon water can from the small pour opening, rather than taking the entire lid off. Not just once, but TWICE. The second time I even had help. Fucking technology is hard man.


When I was a retarded teenager I bricked a SSD by pulling it out of my old laptop while it was on. Don't ask me why because to this day I still have no clue why I did that.
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