What's the funniest racial slur? - and how often do you use it?

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Spiritually Sodomized

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Jan 14, 2019
Latinx and Chinx amuse me. Mostly because they're really fucking offensive to most it applies to but now it's woke so its okay.

I can Latinx as much as I want and I can expect back pats for using it.

I first came across Chinx on a meme, but after seeing it used seriously multiple times on twitter my sides were in orbit.


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Feb 4, 2021
"Peckerwood" is a good one for whites that isnt that well known. If one of the like 2 at most black ppl that use this site see this: you're fucking welcome.

"Coonass" is great but has limited appeal as it's just for hicks from the bayou, but if you're ever in Nawlins go nuts.

For blacks "bluegum" takes the cake.

But it's honestly hard to choose, theres so many slurs that are ace.