What's the funniest racial slur? - and how often do you use it?

Spiritually Sodomized

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Jan 14, 2019
Latinx and Chinx amuse me. Mostly because they're really fucking offensive to most it applies to but now it's woke so its okay.

I can Latinx as much as I want and I can expect back pats for using it.

I first came across Chinx on a meme, but after seeing it used seriously multiple times on twitter my sides were in orbit.


I play on very normal difficulty
Feb 4, 2021
"Peckerwood" is a good one for whites that isnt that well known. If one of the like 2 at most black ppl that use this site see this: you're fucking welcome.

"Coonass" is great but has limited appeal as it's just for hicks from the bayou, but if you're ever in Nawlins go nuts.

For blacks "bluegum" takes the cake.

But it's honestly hard to choose, theres so many slurs that are ace.

Billy Beer

Apr 23, 2021
Chinky because it isn't a slur around my parts, it's a type of food. "I fancy a chinky tonight." "I'm nipping to the chinkies"

Spook, because its slang for an undercover agent.

Wog, because the yanks don't find it offensive. On most American websites you can call someone a wog and only Brits know what it means.

In the same way I can type fag online, because it means cigarettes.

The funniest slurs are the ones that hold a mirror up to do-gooders own hypocrisy and censorship

Solid Snek

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Jul 11, 2020

It's funny because, even though it sounds so terse and belittling, with all the classic elements of a good slur - short, snappy, has a mixture of harsh consonants (k, c, g) and soft consonants that mimic the act of spitting or puking (w, p, b) - you can say poc all the fucking time and nobody will call you on it.

In fact, you call somebody a poc, and the very faggots who are usually oh-so-sensitive about using fun, silly racial slurs, will clap you on the back and treat you like a good ole boy!

Fuckin' pocs, man. Try it out some time!