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Baloney Face

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Any sort of "novelty" lunch meat. ;)



Any sort of "novelty" lunch meat. ;)

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Thats flat out disturbing. and it horrifies me to think that if that exists its not implausible that such a meat exists with a my little pony design in it instead

Far more autistic

and i've got another good one. Back when I was in elementary school there was an autistic kid in my class that had some weird issues about eating solid food. As in not a medical issue just would flat out starve himself rather than eat it. what ended up happening after the school made an issue about it is the kids family would literally take normal food, put it in a blender with some water and make essentially a horrifying meal replacement style drink out of it. and I don't just mean simple foods. I mean they would literally take things like kfc fried chicken, debone it and put all the meat, skin, gristle and fat into the blender and turn THAT into a meal for him. Also did the same thing when everyone else got hotdog days or pizza days


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It's the texture of spaghetti sauce. Autists are often sensitive to inconsistent textures.
Unlike aspies. We love blending everything together till you can barley tell what it is your eating. How do you think KFC famous bowls have survived longer than the twister wraps?