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I always thought kinder eggs where the kind of candy only a tard could love
take that back! i always get a kinder Egg when i visit my grandma and im not autistic! its just yummy and you sometimes get a leggit cool toy...
I have a little toy car with some spinning wheel inside and i let it drive while making engine sounds after the 2nd bottle of wine...


Chicken Mcnuggets with no sauce (even with sauce they're a favorite among autists)
Steak 'n' Shake. From what I have eaten, I cannot imagine anyone but the most tasteless of people to enjoy their food.
Fruit Snacks. Fruit without the texture or any subtlety in flavor.
The more obscure kinds of Dorito's and Mtn. Dew. Only a real sperg is gonna be desperately craving something like White-out
Kraft mac and cheese, of course.
Any kind of cheese-dust coated chip.

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I have heard from a doctor that autistic people love dry rolls (they have been a favourite of mine since age 5)


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Chicken tenders. My mother nearly fought me over Chicken tenders. As we ate chicken nuggets, she grumbled over how Chick-fil-a only now had spicy chicken tenders. I'm now convinced that the THOUGHT of tenders turns the average person autistic.

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Guess I'm not autistic enough -- is there a significant difference between "tenders" and "nuggets"?
I thought it was just a matter of brand names.
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This might've been said before but the touch of 'tism isn't present as much in individual foodstuffs as it is the presentation.

Strong "savory" flavored (i.e., tendies, mac and cheese, bacon) or "sweet" flavored (chocolate) food, that is scrupulously separated from other food on the plate, is the hallmark of autism.

If one food should touch the other, a mighty REE shall echo across the land, and Mommy will learn to regret the day she upset her Good Boy.
Yeesh, and I thought separating the meal from the dessert was meticulous of me. I couldn't imagine them though trying out sweet and sour chicken or teriyaki anything or any flavor blend food, they'd flip the fuck out. I can see them enjoying the sickening taste of full on high fructose/chemically processed food however.