What's the Most Autistic Food? - Autfood for Autfags


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I'm surprised no one's mentioned Gatorade, it tends to be the drink of slobs with no taste whatsoever.

It's marketed as a fitness drink but its overloaded with sugar, fun fact athletes do drink Gatorade but they dillute it with water because it's overloaded with sugar.

It really blows my mind to see people walking around leisurely drinking gatorade. Yes Coca Cola is also not good for you but at least it objectively tastes good.
Everybody I know that has been drinking the stuff acts like a scientist - "electrolytes this, electrolytes that".

I look it up and its literally just a word that refers to sugars and salts.
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Any of those weird collaborations that snack foods are doing with fast food places.

The mac and cheetos thing that burger King had awhile back, that new kfc cheetos sandwich.

I don't understand why you would take something already artery clogging and add weird fake powdered cheese to it. Who are the animals that ingest this stuff?

Munchma Quchi

I followed a blog of an autist once who only ate rice-a-roni. During the time that I followed her blog, she was trying to branch out and try adding new foods like actual chicken. How she didn't have anemia and scurvy was anyone's guess.

She wasn't a lolcow though and was a genuinely nice person, she just really struggled with food texture issues.


This is the first time i have ever heard of an energy drink mixed with alcohol.
You've never heard of a jager bomb? Its either a monster or redbull mixed with Jagermeister.
Edit: Ninja'd.

I've seen that being done with Skittles too (The Dirty Skittlebomb it was known as)
Gummy bears and vodka.

I'd say a Fluffernutter is about autistic a sandwich I've ever heard of, though I've never met anyone who's ever eaten one.

Marshmellow spread, peanut butter, bread.

A friend once claimed he had a cousin who's variation was to put spam in the middle of the marshmellow whip and peanut butter.
Peanut butter, banana and marshmallow fluff is the shit. Just ask Elvis if there is a heaven or hell or some other fucking dimension idkfn.
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Replicant Sasquatch

Do Lolcows Dream of Electric Hedgehog Pokemon?
I'd say MREs are pretty autistic. But I'm not sure if it's because of the food contents themselves or just because the people they're made for (infantry grunts) have a lot of autistic tendencies.

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