Whats the most disturbing thing you've seen online?

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Apr 6, 2021
Question came to my mind while I was browsing /pol/'s webm thread. Ive seen a lot of shit on the internet and it doesn't really bother me, but there was a video on there of a kid getting squished by an elevator. That one was probably the most disturbing thing I've seen on the internet.

Whats yours?


a mimir
Jul 30, 2021
Not really disturbing but it grossed me out, a while ago I came across a self harm twitter account and the owner uploaded a video eating one of their "beans" which if i recall correctly, is part of a layer of fat that's deep down the skin, and it looks like yellow beans squished together (hence the name).

Dick Pooman

Muchacho Sauce
True & Honest Fan
May 20, 2018
Justin Whang just did a YT video of a famous gore vid from Liveleak where a Russian soldier gets his throat pretty much carved out by Chechens and I thought that was a video I saw when I was younger, only to realize that I saw an entirely different throat-slitting video. I can't remember if it was something my friends downloaded from Kazaa/Limewire or if we saw it on a shock website, but it was a few I assume soldiers that were captured by some people. There were English subtitles. One guy got his head cut off by an axe and it almost looked fake how easy the guy made it look. The most fucked up part was that there was a guy who was laid over a stump still alive. His neck was exposed. A guy took a sharp hunting knife and kind of brushed it on the guy's throat before stabbing it in the middle of the guy's neck. The sound of him gurgling blood while he tried to scream really fucked me up. I haven't seen that video in probably 20 years and I still remember everything about it vividly.


Jul 10, 2020
I recall accidentally stumbling upon pictures of a trans women who cut off their own penis. I'm also aware of the murder and animal abuse videos by Luka Magnotta, and the execution videos by Al-Qaeda and ISIS. As well as various sites which feature cartoon porn depicting sadistic abuse or violence. (This could also include sites that are tolerant of this type of content even if they don't actually produce it, such as the so-called "incel" sites.

There's other stuff out there (e.x. incest porn) which is weird and gross, or individuals like Chris who advocate "consensual incest" or other fetishes (e.x coprophilia / scat fetish), but probably not as objectively offputting as stuff which is meant to depict violent or sadistic abuse. There are also weird sites out there dedicated to witchcraft, demonology, or the occult (possibly even including "spells" intended to kill or harm people) that I'm not sure where they'd fit into the "disturbing rankings". Or for that matter, websites dedicated to cult or cult-like groups (such as LessWrong, which is some kind of "transhumanist" or "AI" cult).

(Beyond that, I'm thankful to say I've never ventured onto the DarkNet with Tor and I never will, especially considering the amount of CP or other illegal content, such as hitmen or assassins for hire). Thankfully the most objectively disturbing stuff on the internet (such as the infamous child rape videos by Peter Scully or the child porn and child-sex trafficking rings on the DarkNet) probably aren't something anyone would ever encounter on the regular internet, unless they were perverts on the DarkNet who were specifically looking for it).
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Dwight Frye

Sep 27, 2019
Some crazy shit on a gore website where three people tried to behead someone else with a dull knife...so they had to saw and saw and saw. Meanwhile the guy was gagged so all you heard was gurgling sounds. Pretty gross.

Edit: @Dwight Frye are we talking about the same thing?
Doesn’t seem so. Armstrong was trying to scream with his windpipe severed and best way I can describe it sounding is like a pig screaming.