What's the most lewd, creepy or cringey thing your partner has asked you? - Clingyness, bizarre fetishes, outright creepy stuff

What was your experience like?

  • I got molested by an exceptional individual at school

    Votes: 29 24.8%
  • I married my stalker / an outright insane person

    Votes: 13 11.1%
  • My partner pulled out some very freaky sex stuff

    Votes: 47 40.2%
  • They tried to put something my ass/asked to put something in their ass

    Votes: 28 23.9%

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My ex bf, said that if we had a daughter in the future,I'd let her into our bed literally. (Threesome)
I still don't know if he was serious or just an edgy fuck.
I dump him anyway,and now he has a long term relationship (9 years) with an ugly Russian girl, here in Greece,
he's unemployed, he still tries to finish Law School and he embraced "black pill" ideology, that rape doesn't exist, that kids are a burden etc. Also, he and his gf were mocked online on 9gag about 5 years ago, because they said that one newborn was really ugly, and they were a-logging it. Fucking POS

Let's hope he'll die soon :story:
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This older chick i used to bang wanted me to cum in my hand and eat it for her.
Had multiple gfs that cosplayed. Having sex, one kept calling me onii-chan , another kept doing the anime girl moan but more cringy. My current gf isn't bad, very vanilla stuff and the most kinky(?) thing she's done is cosplay as a favorite character of mine.

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Only thing out of the norm with my relationships was that my last ex liked having her asshole licked, and she wanted to lick mine (which i was totally against, my asshole stays left alone no matter what).

Otherwise I'm always the dominant/kinky one in all my relationships.

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One of my old lovers asked me to piss inside of her. I entertained the notion while talking to her but decided against it. That relationship didn't last long anyway, it fell apart about a week after that. That breakup ended up saving me from the joys of watersports.
She did give me a taste for mild BDSM, but I've come to appreciate vanilla more now that I have something to compare it to.
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