What's the most neutral English accent? -

Dick Justice

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Who or what or how or why has what you'd consider to be the most "neutral" English accent? And don't say RP.
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Dame Pumpernickel the Crusty
General American being a Nebraskan accent.
This. This particular dialect hits all the consonants, concerns itself with its vowels, and makes itself understood. You can tell the difference between a story about Peter File and one about a pedophile. You never have to worry if your artistic endeavors are actually autistic.

It doesn't sound pretty, and it's not going to floor someone if you try reciting Shakespeare with it, but you can know what is being said without too much confusion. It is what it is, and it gets the job done, like an explosion--and that's America!

Rumpled Foreskin

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Essex Accent

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Tbf, I read ages ago that the Brit’s version of the English language “stagnated” so to speak. With all of the integration of immigrants from all over, in America, it exponentially increased the evolution of the language, and in a much different way than it would have, otherwise.

Fat Pikachu

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Eastern US that isn't as south as North Carolina and below, or as north as New Jersey and above, or as west as Kansas. Middle Eastern United States.

every brit I've ever heard, even the ones that narrate TV shows (that is, speak for a living), sound so annoying it makes me want to shove scissors in my ears

Marco Fucko

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Just to throw in something different, whatever you call the generalized accent the military seems to produce. They do, after all, have to give understandable orders.


Eastern US that isn't as south as North Carolina and below, or as north as New Jersey and above, or as west as Kansas. Middle Eastern United States.
Even Bal'mer, hon? Surely you jest.

I'd say Des Moines or Omaha. Somewhere in there. Maybe the PNW or Intermountain West, like SLC. But no place super rural. Things get weird out there. I know, I have whatever you call that weird north plains mishmash accent.

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