What's the most traumatic experience you've ever had? - Creepy uncles, bullying and bad accidents

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Jan 12, 2018
I'm getting a bit the fame of making bait threads, so let's keep on with the brand...

Kiwis, what's the most unpleasant, traumatic experiences you've ever had?
Did they make you stronger and better persons, or left you with lifelong traumas and problems?

Let go of your borden and share it here.


Jan 20, 2014
when i was really young i happened upon some weird flash animation. it was of a bear cub playing around in the woods and kinda looked like little bear. it jumped on a butterfly and tore its wings off. the bear's mom then cut the cub's fucking arms off to teach it a lesson or some shit. i closed the video after that. it's probably not the most traumatic thing but it's been burned into my memory.

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Sep 28, 2013
Back around 2006/7 I joined a theatre-themed summer camp. We had separate "classes" for acting, dancing and singing and would train to do skits for the final night, where we'd perform on stage in front of our families.

Anyway, the teacher for our dance class was this older guy. He seemed friendly enough, but on one of the last days he just snapped. A couple of the older girls were goofing off and it was apparently the last straw for him. He started yelling and ranting at us, and I distinctly remember him saying "I wish I had a gun, but I don't!" Then he stormed off and left us there to shit ourselves in silent terror until the woman in charge of everything came in to comfort us. She told us he'd be fired and that we didn't have to return for performance night. Naturally, some didn't. I was pretty disturbed but didn't let it deter me.

I also got into a car accident a few years ago. It left me a shaking, crying mess for several hours afterwards, and made me that much more of a nervous driver.
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Mar 10, 2016
when I was a kid, I went to the drive-in along with my mom, dad, and my twin brother. It was actually pretty chill because my twin and I just slept in the back of the car, we didn't really sleep for long though, as our parents were making out and being kinda loud. So while they were making out, my twin brother and I decided to slip out the boot of our car while they were in a passionate moment, and we went looking at others at the drive-in. Now here is the part that would traumatise me, because while we were walking by cars, my twin brother found an axe in the back of a car that was there, and he decided then and there that he would use it to kill someone at the drive-in.
He walked to a car where a couple of youngsters were fornicating, knocked on their window, and then proceeded to smash in the skull of the guy with the axe through the window. I was just paralysed when all of this happened, and my twin saw that as an opportunity to frame me, so he smeared me with the blood of the guy and put the axe in my hands. So I had to be institutionalised for a crime I did not commit while my twin roamed free.

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Sep 3, 2017
oh boy, this gun be fun:

When I was 8, I woke up to go to the bathroom pretty ealry in the morning and since I heard the noise of the water, I figured someone was inside. knocked but received no answer, so I decided to peek from the keyhole and was able to see someone sitting on the bidet. I recognize the person, a family's friend that stayed for the night and so I decided to call her by her name, but I received no answer. After a while I had gotten tired of this and went directly to report this to my parents, whom could immediatly tell that something was not right.
Turns out she was sitting dead on the fucking thing. I had slept the night with a corpse in my fucking house.
Not life shattering, but definitely creepy and unsettling.

I had something removed from my lower back, right near the sacrum, without proper ansthesia.
They just sprayed something that seemed like, the first aid sprays that you see in Resident evil and started working the thing. It was not that painful, but I could feel everything they were doing and I was sweating bullets.
Luckily I had aunt there with me,to hold my hand, because boy, that was not pleasant at all.

A store I was working at in 2005 got robbed by some random faggot, that claimed to have a gun. since I was pretty Young, naive and impressionable at the time, I thought I was gonna die that evening. I hated how that, made me feel vulnerable and weak. I couldnt sleep well for several days after the fact.

A person whom I wont name, was playing with my Brother whom at the time was 6,on the edge of a window by letting him fall and catching him at the last second. The house we lived in was on the 13th floor...
This is something that no matter how many years pass; Every time I think about it, I get the chills... It was so fucked up.

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Nov 25, 2017
I was hit by a car just last year. It hasn't been very long so seeing oncoming cars still makes me feel anxious. My time recovering was what made me register an account here, since unsurprisingly my schedule opened up a lot more afterward. It was a blessing in disguise in some form, though. I've been feeling inspired to do more art and learn more crafts, such as drawing things like below.


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Dec 14, 2017
I didn't mean to do it. I swear I didn't mean to. But I was in Milan and I didn't know where I was and I was drunk and she had this sweet perfume on that I can still smell even now and I thought she was a hooker but it turned out she was trying to lead me down this side street so these kids she was with could mug me but I saw them hiding behind the dumpster in that alley and I wouldn't go down there and she just started screaming at me in romani because she was a gypsy and she start howling something about rape and I tried to cover her mouth with my hand but she bit me and I heard police sirens then and I panicked and i squeezed her throat and she started kicking me and the kids tried to stop me and her eyes bugged out and rolled back and this kid with a knife started screaming at me about me killing his sister and he stabbed me in the leg so i grabbed his head and started beating it on the side of the dumpster and when his friend tried to stop me i had the kid's knife in my hand and he started crying then and saying if i let him go he'd never tell anyone but then there was blood everywhere and the dumpster was too full to hide them all so i had to stuff the kids in a nearby couple of trash cans and i had to drag the girl across an empty street at four in the fucking morning so i could throw her off of the bridge and into the river and then i started throwing up and i don't know how but i made it to a nearby bar and there was a dealer in the bathroom and he gave me coke to snort but then he saw the blood so i panicked and stabbed him and locked him in the one toilet and then i snorted more coke and washed my hands and then i puked in the corner and ran out of the bar waving my coat around like it was a cape and screaming like a fucking banshee into the night and i still don't know how but i woke up in a park with some homeless people and they stole my shoes and my belt and one of them was trying to have sex with me and i had the coke and the knife and a bottle of beer from somewhere and when he was dead i started screaming again and i ran away to my hotel after puking acid into one of the ornamental plants in the lobby and the chick who worked the elevator laughed because i fucked her there twice before and we did coke in the elevator as she took me to my floor and got back to my room i packed my shit and went straight to the train station and got the fuck out of italy before i had to sell all of the coke in the bathroom in the airport in nice after i crossed the border and got a plane ticket back home and to this day i have no idea if those bodies were ever found but i have nightmares about dead children in dark alleys with knives in their teeth while stone cold coke dealers hide in public bathrooms waiting to get me as i take a shit while pale romani whores watch me from the bottoms of rivers just waiting for the chance to grab me and drag me down into the dark with them and i need more coke i need more coke coke coke coke coke...