What's the superior entertainment medium?

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May 13, 2021
Video Games, Movies, Novels, Music, Anime, you name it. Which is the best? You could also list the worst or do a ranking of each one you can think of.

Professor G. Raff

As above, so below
Apr 15, 2021
I think video games probably have the most potential of the primary entertainment types for pure absorption, but I also think it can be harder to find new ones that grab you as you work through them over decades. When it comes to non-interactive visual mediums I give a huge edge to series (TV shows, anime, etc.) over movies because they have more time to establish everything that goes into creating a thriving story over the comparably short film format. I actually think movies may be my least preferred medium as I probably have only watched about 10-20 in the past 8 or so years and the last movie I actually saw in theaters was Avengers: Age of Ultron. I've played more video games and watched more series at an exponential level in that time for comparison.

Books are an interesting one as they can be really absorbing in the right circumstances for the right people, but they for sure require the most effort on the consumers part for both reading the actual text as well as exerting the imagination to visualize what's on the page. I can see why they might be the least popular as movies/tv do all the work for you and video games carry the primary load of stimulus. It's understandable why they often fall to the wayside in modern times but they are for sure the most personalized experience when you get into them as how you see them mentally is unique for each person.

Music is not a primary entertainment form in my perspective. It's more of a background secondary thing, I don't think of it as something to engage with actively like the other listed mediums... I'm not gonna do nothing but listen to an album like I might focus fully on watching a movie.


True & Honest Fan
Mar 29, 2014
Comics are pretty neat.

They can tell a story visually without electricity. And because comics are a visual medium, one doesn't need to use excessive descriptions like novels often use.

(Although American comics can easily get rather wordy - and in Current Year, woke.)