What's the weirdest food combo/creation you've ever eaten? - Don't be shy, most of us are americans anyway.

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My go-to sandwich is liverwurst and grape jelly on pumpernickel. It can't be that weird since I first saw it on some food show on the Travel Channel, but nobody believes me when I say it's tasty.


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It should be illegal to call anything made by hershey 'chocolate'
Same thing as calling american ''cheese'' processed milk product
I thought the Hershey Gold bar was decent. That's it. The fact that they made something that didn't taste like ass was unbelievable.

My boomer uncle thinks Hershey is the best chocolate. He thinks Godiva is awful. :cringe:

Before you could find it in any supermarket or chain pharmacy, Godiva was premium chocolate you could only get at stores like Strawbridge's and Macy's. My mom letting me get an expensive Godiva bar at Strawbridge's checkout was always amazing to me.

Speaking of Hershey chocolate, I was looking for a way to have something thick and chocolatey that wasn't a calorie bomb. So I got a tub of plain fat free greek yogurt and a container of Hershey's Special Dark cocoa powder. I mixed some powder with the yogurt and added some artificial sweetener. I used the blue packets that I swiped from Wawa's coffee bar. You gotta work the cocoa powder in carefully. But it does mix well after some elbow grease. It was really good.

I also made chocolate almond milk with it. I just kept shaking the bottle until it desolved. But I think if I made a cocoa concentrate with hot water it would mix a lot better. The cocoa powder I got from Aldi isn't as good as the Hershey brand. So I guess they actually did right again. Shocking.


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Kind of harmless but I love dipping french fries into milkshake/ice cream. People around me find it vile, I love it.
I love to dip fries in milkshakes, that's a good ol' Murrican tradition as far as I'm concerned. I'll dip fries, onion rings, my burger, pretty sure I've dipped a corn dog once, chicken tenders, etc...Our local Carl's Jr (which has since closed probably because it was nasty) also was a Green Burrito location, so that opened up a much larger variety of possibilities for shake dipping. I've dipped a bean burrito in a shake. IDGAF.
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This is very low-key compared to most of the stuff in this thread, but I like to eat chocolate pudding on pineapple. Or chocolate pudding with pineapple in it. Whichever.


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Try mixing ayran (basically watered down yoghurt, its not buttermilk dont listen to turkfag propaganda) with lemonade, I was bored at school canteen and I almost puked on myself. If we are talking food combos, I'd honestly say pastrami and chocolate. I got extremely sick afterwards but damn its a good combo. Turkfag pastrami resembles Jerky more than corned beef.


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Not sure if anyone else does this, but sometimes I put corn, jalapeños and barbecue sauce in my homemade mac and cheese to try to replicate the recipe of the restaurant Famous Dave's. Barbecue sauce and corn is something I thought wouldn't work with mac and cheese until I tried it a few years back.


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When I’m in the mood, I take a can of spaghettios with meatballs and mix it with cottage cheese.

Probably not as extreme as some but it’s a good comfort meal when I need it.
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I went for a slice of pizza yesterday after a local place opened up their patio seating. Table nearest ordered a macaroni cheese pizza which is not unusual where I live and is pretty good. What is unforgivable is that one of the ladies pulled ketchup packets from purse and proceeded to douse a slice.


probably nothing at the level of "the weirdest..." but I've been know to throw in just about anything in my homemade chillis a few examples. leftover Popeyes/KFC chicken break it up throw it in there. 2. grapes and or olives doesn't matter the color especially in a spicy chili. its an offbeat combo. 3. Cookies like Oreos at the very last second. Chocolate chip whatever you got. Grilled watermelon diced up...