What’s the weirdest or most annoying moment you had with that one weird blue haired girl from school? -

If you have been around highschool memes on the internet for a while, you may have heard of the stereotypical “Weird Blue Haired Girl” from highschool
Usually a silent bitchy schizo type girl that claims to have anxiety or bipolar, reads manga & cringey webcomics, makes constant annoying references to Invader Zim, Steven Universe, etc.
Bitches about how Teen Titans GO is inferior to Teen Titans even though Teen Titans GO was literally made in 2013, 8 fucking years ago.
Listens to Panic! at The Disco & Steam Powered Giraffe.
Also they claim to listen to Indie Music but listen to the most fucking corporate mainstream Indie Pop music ever.
Gets mad when you accidentally call her friend a girl when she’s non-binary demi boy agenderfluid.
Hits you or shouts at you for making a ironic racist joke even though you aren’t racist.
Makes constant “White people be like” memes while spouting off angsty Anti-American rhetoric in History Class making everyone uncomfortable.

I have met some girls with the same attitude but didn’t have the blue hair back in highschool, I gotta say, they’re as fucking annoying as the memes make them out to be, I sworn I seen a bitch with a furry tail sticking out of her pants while kissing her boyfriend she likely broke up with in the same week.

I wanna know though if any of you ever had an encounter or atleast seen a Blue-haired Bitch having a freakout or weird moment.

Autumnal Equinox

The owls are not what they seem...
Didn’t have those when I was in high school. Best comparison I dealt with would be the fat wigger chicks or the brooding fat goth girls.

Weirdest moment was when one of the fat wigger girls developed a crush on me and kept following me around. I had never spoken to this girl before, never acknowledged her presence, don’t know why I got singled out but she would find any opportunity to get in my space and throw herself at me no matter how many times I told her not interested and to piss off

Penis Drager

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Mine was a fat lesbo. It was pretty funny to watch her sperg about 9/11 conspiracies in class, but I usually avoided talking to her because, if she had a personal story to tell, she could go for hours with every irrelevant detail she could remember.

The worst was her going on about all the times she's OD'd on various pills (she was like 15 or 16 at the time). I know it's all true too since I already heard about this shit from other people who were there for those occasions.

Jeff Boomhauer

The one blue-haired girl I knew in high school was actually pretty hot, granted she just had blue highlights.

Her boyfriend, on the other hand, was a clingy douche who also dyed his hair blue to match her, but didn't know how to take care of it properly. He ended up with hilariously awful moss-colored hair for a month or so.

Moswald Osley

Sounds like this type was after my time as the only specimens we had were the rare Mexican emo in our circle of friends who was marginally cool and the fat goth who was actually extremely cool but not in our circle of friends for whatever reason, and even then they just dressed like that but didn't act any different than anyone else. No idea what happened to the goth but after high school the emo's baby daddy, also from our circle of friends, ended up getting stabbed by her current BF at the time and then the BF went to prison forever and that was that. I moved out of that state with no intention to return long before this happened. IDK, small town in flyover country, nobody really cared about anything and for cliques the lines were hazy to the point of not existing sometimes.

I don't know how anybody can navigate high school nowadays. Seems like you can't say or do anything remotely interesting or funny anymore and saying two words to the wrong person gets you unpersoned. I'll be sending my kids to private school.