What's the worst cockblocking you've ever recieved? - Female versions too: Let's tell legendary tales of being denied sex at the last goddamn moment.

Dolphin Lundgren

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I've got an opposite story. A lesbian who I never would have had sex in the first place spent about an hour chatting me up at a party once. I thought she was trying to have a friendly conversation but I realized after that she was trying to hook up with me. My boyfriend interrupted us, joined in on the conversation, which saved me because she got mad and she left me alone after she realized she had no chance.


DAme Da NE
I cock blocked myself on most of my encounters I felt like I needed to wait for the right person and luckily I found that person. So far the only thing that cock blocks me is dehydration in the mornings. Edit: Most of my encounters were either at my parents house or out in public which made the situations even more awkward

K. V. Bones

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Dog i've been cockblocked more times than i can count on 2 hands, maybe 3 hands? 4? You know make it 5 hands just to be safe.

Damien Thorne

I had a friends with benefits over one day, but we got interrupted by a creepy psycho stalker who kept on pounding on my living room window for fifteen minutes straight even though all the blinds were closed. She wanted to beg me for some money. I regret not calling the cops on her over that incident.