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You probably never heard of Manika. She is (or was) a wannabe singer/rapper who released some of the worst pop music in existence. She caught flack for making a song where she says she'll turn lesbian if men don't stop fucking her over, but her by far worst offering is B.Y.O. Bugatti

It sounds like a feverish mashup of all shitty music trends from 10 years ago, complete with her impressions of people who were popular at the time
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I've been following Jonny Craig's antics for a lot longer than I should've. I've watched him get kicked out of three bands for constantly relapsing on heroin instead of making music and I've also slowly but surely heard his voice decay over the years.

I Still Feel Her Part 5 is probably the epitome of why I hate Jonny Craig in the current year: it's because he's trying to branch out of his element into R&B and it just doesn't work for two reasons: first, because of the premise. There's no way I can ever believe that this habitually relapsing heroin addict is some soft-spoken R&B god. Second, because the music itself fucking sucks.

Charlie Puth of all people is able to do the edgy R&B thing better because his voice actually sounds good and "you just want attention" is an infinitely better chorus than "I know you're guilty."


Anyone shared this piece of shit yet?

This "song" makes me want to blow my brains out. Seriously what has the world come to.
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From the good old days of MySpace, or what happens when three bored trust fund kids decide to tease their hair, hoe around and form a "band"



It's not that bad and it's certainly not the worst song I've ever heard - it's just kind of drab. It's essentially a budget Arthur Collins clone singing what vaguely sounds like a bad and dated children's song on a tack piano, except the lyrics are inherently political and echo a dark stain on America's history books. It's intriguing, at least.

The reason I know the song is because I owned a copy of it which I promptly sold. For your viewing pleasure, I retrieved its description from Popsike:

"From W.R. Rinehart and Hattie Fletcher comes an interesting piece of history from when their organization was a prominent Christian, prohibition, and white supremacist political group in the United States. Their fabled "personal recordings" on labels such as these were usually from Gennett's studios, which ironically also boasted the recording of many of the best post-Storyville black Dixieland jazz men and a good few liquor-loving, up-and-coming jazz legends - most famously Bix Beiderbecke, who recorded there primarily in the same year as this disc of 1924."

I kind of grasped at straws in writing it up as a 'piece of history' because the record actually sucked ass and the label did too. But some people have an interest in that kind of thing, so I say there are better homes for it than mine. I'd rather have the fifty bananas and buy something I'll actually enjoy listening to. Good money is good.