What's the worst song you've ever heard? -


Coo coo

I feel bad for the dude because he's so earnest, but he definitely gives off those Derek Savage vibes and his music is really... disjointed. He might be a potential cow.

This Tay Allyn song is so bad it may be intentional. The dumb cunt might've been trying to capitalize on the the viral sensation that her previous song "Mass Text" was. Even still, it's worth mentioning. As you can see, it didn't nearly merit as much attention, so that in of itself is pretty funny.

This one doesn't need much explanation. If you know anything about the Digibro situation, you're bound to be familiar with this shit.
In case YouTube takes this reupload down some time in the near future, it's "Seagull Cypher" by Art Rivals Intelligence. (ARI) AKA, YGG Studio.

The instrumental is okay (excluding that directionless, garbled garbage in the beginning), but I don't know what in the fuck the lady is doing with her voice. Just like the album art itself, the song has no clear subject or focus. Wasted talent. Nonsense through and through.

I was actually disappointed by this song 'cause it starts out sort of cool. It builds to the shittiest, garage band-tier breakdown and the vocalist sounds freaking pathetic, especially when he tries to "sing" later on. All of the pieces are here to make a serviceable song, except it falls into the pit of mediocrity due to how amateur it all is.

Future's music has always been objectionably bad. And I'm surprised by how bad ICP's music is, having truly checked them out a couple days ago.

Any adult who admits to listening to this should be embarrassed. I could see this appealing to a child or a young teen. It doesn't sound professionally produced to me, despite them having all this money and it being a newer song. Maybe it's because of all the stock sound effects.

Jeff Boomhauer

I was pumping gas this morning when I heard the opening guitar riff to what I thought was Jumper by Third Eye Blind. Except it wasn't, because Jumper begins with the lead singer singing over the guitar riff. What followed is easily the worst singing I have ever heard in an acoustic guitar song.
"Thanks" to Shazam, I now know what it is.



The Weeknd's Blinding Lights
Seriously why does everyone like this so much? I feel like I'm the only one who can't stand this song. It makes my ears bleed every time I have to hear this again on the radio. What a sorry state of pop music right now.

Also, I'm not usually one to pick on voices but goddamn is his voice fucking grating .