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What's worse? Ultra-Progressive or Islam?Where's society headed?

Discussion in 'Deep Thoughts' started by Medicated, Dec 1, 2017.

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    1. What if it's hippie Islam, i.e. Sufism.
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      SeaPancake Sick of your nosy ass

    2. The choice is between Saudi Arabia or China during the bloodbath that was cultural revolution? Glad I've read the Qu'ran now.
    3. They'll probably embrace the death penalty for the problematic people they hate. Extremists can be pragmatic when it comes to their enemies.
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    4. Ultra-progressives are far worse than Islam and fascism combined. At least neo-Nazis and assorted fascist types are assholes to your face, and decidedly evil. Those who tyrannize others "for their own good" tend to be far more zealous about their leftist crusader bullshit and eventually go on to believe that the ends justify any means. That and the most ruthless people will end up in charge, it's only a matter of right place and time with that.

      At least in a medieval Islamic shithole, I can fuck all the goats I want, at least until a US Predator drone mistakes me for a "terrorist" and decides to ventilate me before I achieve coitus with said fucked goat.

      But at least I was mercilessly slaughtered in the name of Freedom (tm)

      Hooray! :lol:
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      Duke Nukem

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    5. I grew up around a lot of Muslims and know a lot of them, and they're definitely better than Communists.
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      Ron /pol/

      Ron /pol/ Ask me about Fallout: New Vegas

    6. both have different conclusions.

      1- ultra progressive society will have extremely low birth rate in end & will be conquered & assimilated by invaders.

      2- Islamic society will be immune to memeplexes but will just be a cohort of orderly savages who will be trapped in feedback loop of cannibalisation & stability due to low iq in masses
    7. i think islam is worse because an ultra progressive society would probably remove all cops meaning they can't enforce shit
      meanwhile islam would have people raid you and force you to be islamic or else get thrown off a roof or something. not to mention the trucks and IEDs of peace that come flying by because you don't worship their sect of islam
    8. At least Islam is capable of sustaining a civilization. Progressivism, on the other hand, is a family of memetic tools designed - consciously or otherwise - to deconstruct and undermine civilizations, and can only result in their eventual collapse.

      I choose Islam.

      Real_Liberian a real liberian

    9. I wish you chucklefucks knew the difference between "muslims" and "islam".

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