What's your avatar? thread -

King Mob

No cat farts.
A gun wielding, incognito wizard with over-the-shirt nipple rings. More or less. He also might be from the future. His girlfriend is, anyways.

Dr. Dingo DVM

kid tested, mother approved
Kemono Friends take on the noble dingo. The show is kinda trash but the obscure animal designs are cute.


>username unrelated
My avatar is a box of an AMC Gremlin X model car as a nod to the fact that Yandev calls us "gremlins" now. Could've called us something far worse, I'd say.


"I got a B+ in lurking!"
Alder and Dash, characters from Casper's Scare School, with is a fun little CGI film CN would play around Halloween during the glory days alongside Scary Godmother.

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