What's your avatar? thread -


Ask me about my gremlin agenda
My avatar is a box of an AMC Gremlin X model car as a nod to the fact that Yandev calls us "gremlins" now. Could've called us something far worse, I'd say.


John Goldfarb, get your ass back home.
Alder and Dash, characters from Casper's Scare School, with is a fun little CGI film CN would play around Halloween during the glory days alongside Scary Godmother.


F this gay earth
The character is from a Mamoru Oshii film called Garm Wars: The Last Druid. It's a weird film that I enjoy immensely for some reason. The character is Skellig 58 played by Kevin Durand.


I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream to lose weight.
Lyria from Granblue flipping the bird.
I just want the right omega weapons from Celeste and Leviathan for my weapon grids. Fuck your drop rate I only get 3 chances a day cygames.


passionless bombast
True & Honest Fan
Banastre Tarleton, a British Dragoon Commander during the revolutionary war who had a reputation for being not only ruthless and bloodthirsty, but also a huge womanizer and cad in general. He had a cool hat, though.
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дядя Боря

this thread is absolutely hilarious if you start reading from the beginning, 5 years ago, when posters description doesn't match the current avatar. Good laughs.

It's a letter D, default pic assigned.

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