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The 3rd Hooligan

A man who doesnt swear, gets wasted drinking a single shot of vodka, wears an electrical chastity belt and kills demons for a living.

Suprisingly not a troon, just a priest exorcist


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goop in a box made in like five minutes when I needed an avatar I didn't use anywhere else

Shield Breaker

It's from a book series I read as a kid. I prefer Doomgiver, but the name is emo and the icon lame.

2. Shieldbreaker: The Sword of Force
Shieldbreaker provides protection from all enemy attacks, whether melee, ranged, or magical. Like Townsaver, Shieldbreaker takes over the sword arm of the person using it, and cannot be put down until the battle is over. However, Shieldbreaker will deflect incoming blows. The Sword's weakness is its inability to be used against an unarmed foe, meaning that the wielder, weakened by using Shieldbreaker, can be defeated quite easily in hand-to-hand combat.

Shieldbreaker is unique among the Swords in that it can easily destroy any of the others in melee combat, with the exception of Woundhealer. In addition, any abilities possessed by the other Swords are negated by Shieldbreaker. For example, the wielder cannot be slain by Farslayer or tracked by Wayfinder.

While being used, Shieldbreaker emits a thudding rhythm that quickens when combat begins.



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I still remember the episode where little mole (that is this official eng name i think) assised in the birth of baby bunnies and they just fallen from empty gaping hole in miss bunny . Good times

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I'm only surprised they did such an episode at all. It's one of those moments you didn't expect to see but here we go.