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Xenon again, but it's an image that came with the latest game update. This poor guy... Due to recent story events related to him, he's completely dead inside.

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Crybabies don't go to heaven.
Madotsuki pinching herself. Reference to her trying to wake up since she's from a game about dreams.


Kind stranger has died. No more reddit gold.
Chad Warden. The guy who lit the fire of the console wars on the internet, and who managed to ruin /v/ forever. His first name says it all.
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Its Shuaiby. Basically 2 years ago this kid set up a livestream where he puts a shotgun to his head and blows himself away.

Hearing his friend crying on livestream begging him not to do it was heart breaking.

What effected me more then anything tho was the fact this was so quickly forgotten. Nobody seems to remember Shuaiby or even mention it in those cheesy top 10 gory YouTube moments videos. He's someone that's nearly completely forgotten despite his horrible tragedy.

I feel a psychological need to keep reminding people of Shuaiby. It's the one person I've genuinely felt sorry for.