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SSF2T Old User

No Super Combos Necessary
All the cast from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (sans Akuma) using their OG colors from the prior game (The New Challengers), which have been dubbed "old characters" and can be selected via a code after you select the character. Each character has a unique code and sometimes their old versions are better than their Super Turbo versions. With the exception of Vega/Claw (who's wall dive move is glitched) and T-Hawk/Zangief (I never use either of them because fuck 360 inputs), I always use Old Characters when playing SSF2T, hence my name.
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Racist Trash

The piece of rubbish on the floor has returned!
A piece of plastic accused of being a noose that's out to get black people on a college campus.

Weeb Slinger

I created the face of a golem from granulated sugar in the hope that it would suck my cock. If I had known that, within a fortnight, we would fall out of love with each other, and that thereafter it would mock my attempts to learn Russian, and catcall passing Jehovah witnesses, then I would not have bothered. We sleep in separate bedrooms now.
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True & Honest Fan
He made singing about Late Night at Mickey D’s look cool, and this was way before my time.
Plus, the sunglasses – nice touch.