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Jason from the Friday the 13th video game. The part 7 one, one of my fave entries cause it was the first to feature Kane Hodder as the J man himself

Kari Kamiya

"I beat her up, so I gave her a cuck-cup."
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Probably my favorite running gag ever. Out-of-context reactions have been the best.


Gabriel is blowing his trumpet. Can you hear it?
Concept art of Huey Long for an upcoming Kaiserreich cinematic, which some on the Kaiserreich subreddit thought bore a striking resemblance to Papa John.


Good girl, M. a. a. D. Fennec
Nurse Miku holding a syringe. Saw it in a video, thought it looked like avatar material.

If you’re wondering what was happening in that scene, she was about to give Len a sex change.
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