What’s your darkest secret?

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Aug 3, 2021
I know this is a joke thread, and we aren't supposed to PL, but this has become an obsessive thought in the last few months, and I just want to get it off my fucking chest already.

I'll spoiler it, since it's NSFW.

My uncle showed me his dick when I was 15. Said he wanted to show me how he trimmed his pubic hair and had me lean across the couch to examine it. It wasn't a quick flash, and I remember he was hard. He also talked about almost "accidentally" walking around his house naked with me there. I don't remember him ever touching me, but I did get blackout drunk alone with him several times. He also used to babysit me as a very young child, but my memory up until 11 is mostly blank, aside from a handful of good memories pertaining to a couple specific people. So, I have no idea if anything happened, and I prefer not to consider it as a possibility.

I've never told a single person, as he was still my favorite uncle after that, and he was one of the most beloved members of the entire family. I'm still convinced no one would've believed me, as I had no proof.

Several years later, he married a woman with a 14-year-old daughter. They lived in a different state, so I only saw them maybe once a year. What I do know for certain is, shortly after the wedding, the daughter had worsening mental health problems, at least one extended stay in a psychiatric unit, increasingly severe self-harm issues, and she gained a significant amount of weight over the following years.

I feel like such a cunt.
Rate me whatever. Yes, it's pathetic that I'm saying this for the first time ever on KF in a forgotten joke thread of all places, and I'm sure I'll regret this post when I sober up, but it's here forever now.