What's your favorite condiment, spice, or topping to add to your food? -

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HP Sauce was good, but they changed the recipe a few years back. Anything made from anchovies, like Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce. Chilli sauces that have flavour opposed to heat. Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Anything that yields a ticket to Flavour Town

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Jalapenos for toppings, chipotle majo for condiment and crushed red pepper for spices
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My dad makes his own hot sauce for pizza. Motherfucker hasn't given me a bottle of that shit in a while now that I think about it. I'd take the recipe but I'm garbage at using my hands for anything but stroking cocks.
Otherwise salt and pepper cause I'm a vanilla piece of garbage who doesn't like to spice shit up.


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Sesame seeds (for Asian foods specifically but I have put it on pizza before)
Horseradish sauce (some sandwiches, but I also dip jalapeno kettle chips in this)
Red chili flakes (goes with pretty much anything TBH)
Oregano (mostly for pizza)
Basil (for pizza and popcorn chicken)
Jalapenos (sandwiches, pizza, poke bowls, it's pretty much my favorite topping of all time)
Mayonnaise (sandwiches, I try to get garlic mayo if it's available)
Chipotle mayo (poke bowls)
Parmesan cheese (pretty much exclusive to pasta for me)
Teriyaki sauce (chicken, beef, pork)

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Freshly cracked black pepper is a good all-rounder. I'm fond of paprika of all sorts, perfect thing to put on your biscuits and gravy. Sriracha is fucking amazing, and I like Frank's Red Hot too. Dijon and honey mustards are great depending on application. Garlic is the best fucking thing ever, preferably minced or granulated depending on the task.