What's your favorite condiment, spice, or topping to add to your food? -


Just picked up Aromat for the first time, some serious savory going on there. Thanks for the tip off.
Hey, my pleasure. It's extremely good, works on a lot of things. If I'm doing a roast and out of salt and pepper, a little bit of it rubbed into the meat (wahey!) makes it taste incredible. Also works on top of cheese on toast (as does hendos) and it's a good, all purpose seasoning. Best of all on chips - Britbongistan french fries - though, in my humble opinion.

Any you'd suggest or recommend yourself would be appreciated as well. I'm always up for finding new seasonings


Real chocolate syrup. Made with real cocoa and sugar, not that fake hershey's stuff, so I use Nesquik syrup. I put it on cereal, on toast, etc.




Soy sauce/Ponzu

Good, ol' fashioned Ketchup

Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper


Salsa, preferably Home-Made, but jarred works in a pinch.

Hot Sauce, any kind with actual flavor.


Salt, pepper, ketchup, cheese (namely cheddar and Parmesan), rosemary, paprika and bacon bits.


True & Honest Fan
So like many people today I have a hard time eating healthy stuff like Salad Greens. The only way to get me to eat some fresh spinach is if you put some protein on it alongside some good Mustard. I like Grey Poupon or the variety of spicy mustards they make today. Mustard as a dressing is the only Low-Calorie way I can swallos it.

And I stress low calories because the only other alternative would be all those fatty dressings they make and really if I'm going to be trying to eat healthy why would I drench it with sugar and oil? To me that cancels any immediate health benefits.
Sriracha, good quality Mexican habanero salsa (something like Cosecha), I've been trying Chinese Yellow Lantern sauce lately but I feel like it's giving me the shits when I eat it. Either I'm getting old or it's just bad sauce.

For salads or vegetables it's really hard to figure out a better topping than olive oil and a good quality balsamic vinegar and maybe some crumbled feta.

A Welsh Cake

Sweet Chilli sauce
I don’t buy that shit cause if I do I put it on everything and end up consuming my body weight in sugars.


Ki ki ki ma ma ma
Dijon mustard great on a well stacked sandwich, but no ketchup as said in the Autistic food thread it's one of the most Autistic condiments ever made.

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