What's your favorite condiment, spice, or topping to add to your food? -

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Parmesan cheese to any pasta dish. Also like two specific chilli sauces. One is Lao Gan Ma Spicy Crisp Hot Sauce. Transforms any noodles or dumplings. Another one is this Russian style chilli and garlic sauce. IDK what it's called, all I know is the local Russian ethnic mini supermarket has it and it goes well with almost everything. Fried eggs on toast, Russian dumplings, noodles if I don't feel like having the other sauce, meat tastes a bit bland - throw this on it, transforms it. It's hotter than expected and has a good garlic taste.


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I usually have honey/Dijon mustard for my hot dogs, balsamic vinegar ketchup and/or garlic aioli dipping sauce for fries, and bacon-onion jam for my burgers.

One condiment I've been trying to find (or recreate if it's not available elsewhere) is WingStop's cajun seasoning. I can put that shit on both wings and fries and they become tasty as fuck.
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Thousand island dressing. There's a reason people thought it was McDonald's secret sauce for years (and it's not entirely untrue tid is an ingredient in it) it's just that damn good. I restarted to get the low cal version of it unlike diet sodas or low sodium Soy sauces it doesn't taste much different.

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There is a bourbon bacon jam by Mancini's that is just killing me, right now. Put it on a ham sandwich, and it makes a simple thing taste beautiful.


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If the food is bland or I just want some spice, Melinda's XXXtra Reserve.

Might be odd, but Tabasco on bacon is delicious.

Ranch is fantastic on french fries, pizza, baked potatoes and burgers; Hidden Valley is garbage and Ken's is better.


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As far as adding something to my meal goes, I don't mind adding some chopped up mushrooms and onions to a homemade burger. Also like using Worcestershire sauce to meat and whatever vegetables I cook sometimes.

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It really depends on what you're eating, tbh.
You may like ketchup on your burger, but you wouldn't add it to your rice.
Or maybe you would.


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McCormick's Italian seasoning. I swear, I sprinkle a little bit of that stuff over a meal and it's instantly improved.
McCormick's grilling seasoning - in particular the Montreal chicken and steak seasonings - are also really good.

Sriracha is surprisingly good on hot dogs (not one of those Sriracha stans that put it on everything) and basically any of the mexican hot sauces - cholula, valentina, tapatio, etc. I don't fuck with tabasco too much, the chipotle one is good but all the other flavors taste too much like vinegar to me.